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Where Can I Find a Cleaning Encyclopedia?

"To me, 'dry clean only' means toss in the washer and cross your fingers" — Maxine     Seriously the clothes manufacturers that label their products as “dry clean only” must have stock in laundromats. But they...

Fabulous Party? Sure They Are a 24/7 Ongoing Party

Hashtags: Kids, SavvyHumor, AfterParty, Humor, HumorQuotes Having kids is like continually having to clean up after a party you didn't attend. — Unknown Cleaning up after a fabulous party usually isn’t a fun experience, but...

The Oreo Flavored Toothpaste Challenge

"Cleaning with kids in the house is like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos." – Unknown   I have an idea! What about an Oreo flavored toothpaste? I’m pretty sure that it would not help with cleaning any house that...

Our House Was Clean Last Week, We Promise!

"Our house was clean last week... Sorry you missed it." – Unknown   I swear last week our house was spotless. There weren’t any dishes in the sink. There wasn’t any laundry on the floor. That layer of dust you see wasn’t...

How You Are Affected By Internet Distractions

"A clean house is a sign of no internet connection." – Unknown   What in the world are we going to do all day? The internet has been out since last night! No email? No Facebook? No twitter? How will we survive? Is this...

Have Multiple Personalities? Picking One That Cleans

"I wish one of my personalities liked to clean." – Unknown Author My husband keeps telling me I have multiple personalities. One is sweet and kind, one is grumpy, and one is super angry. He only likes one of them. I wonder...

What Things Make House Cleaning Fun?

"You know what would make house cleaning way more fun? A maid!"  – Unknown Author Probably the ONLY way to make house cleaning fun is to avoid doing it completely. You could read that book you've been wanting to read if you...

Who Killed The House Cleaning Fairy!?

"The Dust Bunnies killed my Cleaning Fairy." – Unknown Author Awww, those cute little Dust Bunnies are everywhere! They are so cute and fluffy. They cover every surface of our homes, including hiding under all the furniture,...

Messy Hosts? Create Better Hosting Habits

"Had to clean my house for two hours just to tell guests 'Sorry for the mess!'" – Unknown Author   We need a new word for “ messy ”. My house was so messy that even after hours of cleaning, it was still a mess. What in...

Cleaning Recklessly Won’t Make You Happy

"Our house is clean enough to be healthy, but dirty enough to be happy." — Unknown Author   The truth is that if you can't find a single particle of dust in a home, it probably isn’t being lived in. When we live a...

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How to Clean Fishing Gear

How to Clean Fishing Gear

Fishing can be one messy hobby!  Between the blood, guts, and fish oils the mess can get quite intense.  All of the mess that...

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Cheer Up the Lonely Day

Cheer Up the Lonely Day

Do you have someone in your life that is a little down and out and perhaps a little lonely?  Cheer Up the Lonely Day is in...

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How to Clean a Pet Cage

How to Clean a Pet Cage

A pet cage requires frequent cleaning, whether your pet is a mouse, a hamster, a snake, or a lizard. We do our housecleaning...

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