We use wooden cutting boards almost every day in our cooking.  From meat to veggies to potatoes, just about everything that needs cut in the kitchen utilizes it.  The wooden cutting board is a crucial element in the kitchen, yet many people do not know the proper way to clean one.  So just how do you clean and disinfect a cutting board?

Cleaning a Wooden Cutting Board

How to Clean a Wooden Cutting BoardSupplies Needed:

  • Sponge
  • Hot Water
  • Liquid Dish Soap
  • Drying Towel
  • Cleaner of Choice: White Vinegar, Baking Soda, Lemons or Bleach

Cleaning your cutting board is an essential part of house cleaning.  You can keep your board in pristine shape with three simple steps: clean, disinfect, and dry.

Cleaning is the first step.  To clean, you will use hot water, a sponge, and a light amount of soap.  Using the sponge, scrub off any foods and fluids that came into contact with the wooden cutting board.  Running lots of hot water over the board will wash away bacteria and particles.  Pay special attention to the parts of the board that are scarred from knives.  Those areas are particularly good at trapping food and bacteria.

The second step is disinfecting the wooden cutting board.  In order to disinfect, you can use pure white vinegar or a mixture of a gallon of water with two tablespoons of chlorine bleach.  If you use vinegar, only use the pure white.  Other types will leave a permanent smell on your board.  To apply the disinfectant, soak a rag or cloth in the solution or vinegar and wipe the board thoroughly.  For stubborn stains or weird smells on your board, put a cup of baking soda on the board and then pour a cup of the white vinegar over it.  These two ingredients create an oxidation process that will remove the stain or smell.  Alternatively, you can cut up some lemons and rub the board down with them.  Let it sit for a few minutes and then rinse very thoroughly with hot water.

The last step is to dry your cutting board.  For this step, you just wipe it with a dry cloth.  It is so important to dry the board because water that seeps into the wood causes the wood fibers to swell and then your board will warp and split.  This is the last step of the cleaning your wooden cutting board part of your house cleaning!

How-to-Clean-a-Wooden-Cutting-Board-2Extra Tips

Never put your wooden cutting board into the dishwasher.  The water is not good for the wood board.

Never leave your wooden cutting board soaking in water.  The water will expand the fibers and warp and crack your cutting board.

Never leave bloody meat sitting on the wooden cutting board.  The blood will soak into the wood fibers and stain as well as cause trapped bacteria.

Cleaning your wooden cutting board is a simple and quick addition to your house cleaning routine.  In only a few minutes you can keep your cutting board in great and sanitary condition.