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We need a new word for “ messy ”. My house was so messy that even after hours of cleaning, it was still a mess. What in the world was I doing for the last two hours? And what was I doing before I started cleaning? Maybe we could call it ult-messy (short for ultra-messy) or smessy (short for sooooo messy). Maybe there’s another word we can come up with, a completely new word like UGHHHHH!!! I think that describes the sound I make when I see the massive amount of mess I’ve been dealing with. I’m back down to just a mess now after two long hours.

Sorry for the mess -Savvy Humor-messy

Had to clean my house for two hours just to tell guests “Sorry for the mess!” – Unknown




At least all my guests saw was my messy house, not my frustration UGHHHHH!! How long does it take to clean your house? Let us know below…