Do you have someone in your life that is a little down and out and perhaps a little lonely?  Cheer Up the Lonely Day is in June and is the perfect excuse to turn that person’s frown upside down!  We’ve all been there.  Have you had someone come along and do something to cheer you up when you’ve been sad?  Let’s use Cheer Up the Lonely Day to cheer up someone in our lives and pay it forward. What a great way to celebrate!

Feelings of loneliness can be depressing and overwhelming.  Did you know that one out of every five senior citizens feels isolated and alone?  There are many reasons that someone might feel lonely, regardless of age.  A young child might miss their parents while at day care.  A teenager might feel like they don’t fit in.  A college graduate might feel alone out in the big corporate world.  New parents may feel their friends have abandoned them.  A senior citizen may feel isolated and alone in a nursing home.  So really it could be anyone…maybe even someone close to you!

Cheer Up the Lonely Day


How to Celebrate Cheer Up the Lonely Day

There are endless ways to make people feel a little less lonely on Cheer Up the Lonely Day.  It can be as simple as a phone call, sending a card, or sending flowers.  If you are able to, physically visiting that lonely person is probably the best way to cheer them up.  The simple act of listening to someone talk can make all the difference!  Think of how it makes you feel when someone invests time in you and really listens to you.  It feels great.  Pay that forward on this year’s Cheer Up the Lonely Day!


A Pet?

If you are really feeling benevolent, you could go a step farther and buy your lonely friend or family member a pet!  Did you know pets can instantly make someone happier?  People with pets are known to live up to five years longer!  You could also take your dog to a local hospital or nursing home and cheer up a ton of people on Cheer Up the Lonely Day!  You are guaranteed to be popular.


Cheer Up the Lonely Day with a pet


House Cleaning?

Want to go the extra mile?  While you are visiting, do a little house cleaning for your friend or family member.  This is especially helpful if they are elderly or disabled.  A new clean house is instant happy medicine.  Even better, hire a maid service to clean their house for them.  You can buy a gift certificate or pay for recurring maid service.  Periodic cleaning by a maid service will ensure your friend gets a friendly visitor and has a clean house!

It doesn’t take much time to really make a difference to someone in need.  Since we are all in need of a smile sometimes, it is only fair to pay it forward and make others smile.  Happy Cheer Up the Lonely Day!


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