A good cleaning method will reduce the inefficiencies in cleaning and save you a lot of time. Time is money.  Time is precious.  Time flies.  We have all heard the sayings about time.  So it makes sense that we want to spend as much time on the important things like spending time with family and less time doing the less enjoyable things like cleaning the house.  A good cleaning method to use is the “First in, First Out” method.


A Good Cleaning Method: FIFO


FIFO: A Good Cleaning Method

First in, First Out is a term used in the engineering and finance world, but it applies to almost every task we do.  It means that whatever task you begin; you work it from beginning to end without interruption of another task.  First in, First Out is a way of organizing your tasks to reduce the amount of time wasted.  How many times have you been working on one task (working on the laundry for example) and been interrupted by another task (making breakfast for example)?  When you finally get back around to your initial task, you’ll have to spend a few moments remembering where you left off before you can start again.  Those few moments are inefficiencies. Those few moments are wasted time.  Time is precious and by using FIFO as a good cleaning method, you can save that precious time.

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FIFO and House Cleaning

Applying First in, First Out is a good cleaning method and is easy to use to clean your house.  For example, if you are cleaning your house—first look at each room as a task.  You will clean your bedroom first.  Now looking at your bedroom, break it down into further tasks.  You will first clean your bedroom floor, then you will dust, then you will make the bed etc.  Alternately, you could break it into broader tasks.  For example, you will clean all of the floors in the house first.  Next you will dust the entire house, etc.  I prefer the bedroom breakdown as it gives a higher sense of accomplishment to see an entire room cleaned and finished. Either way you look at it, the tasks are being completed one at a time from start to finish.


A Good Cleaning Method: FIFO and housecleaners


Maid Service Uses FIFO

Watch how a maid service cleans your house.  They will work in a First in, First Out mentality.  They know a good cleaning method is the quickest and most efficient way to clean your house.  For a maid service, time is money.  If they can clean your house a little faster by being efficient, they can move to the next house a little quicker and make more money.  If a maid service works in a First in, First Out pattern, so can you.  Clean your house a little quicker so that you can spend a little more time with your family today.

You can apply First in, First Out to just about everything in your life.  It just makes sense.  Work on one thing at a time until it is complete before moving to the next thing.  It is like magic!  You now have more time in your day.  The First in, First Out method might take a little bit of time to get used to and sometimes a little more organization in the beginning, but it will pay off.  The payment is time!

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