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House Cleaning quote Cleaning-Recklessly - savvy Humor

The truth is that if you can’t find a single particle of dust in a home, it probably isn’t being lived in. When we live a healthy active lifestyle, we make a mess. Whether it’s the dirt from the shoes we just took off from a jog through our favorite park or the crayon marks on the wall from our baby creating a one of a kind work of art, these messes are a sign of a happy life. You need to be clean enough not to catch the flu, but other than that get out there and live! Sometimes life is messy, but it’s well worth it! when your happy! Now where are those slippers…Johnny, where did you put Mommy’s slippers?

 House cleaning quotes - dirty enough to be happy.

Our house is clean enough to be healthy, but dirty enough to be happy. — Unknown




Is this what your ‘cleaning cycle’ looks like? Do you even have a cleaning cycle?  Let the world know how you do it, if you do it correctly that is. Share your thoughts below.