“The Dust Bunnies killed my Cleaning Fairy.”

– Unknown Author

Awww, those cute little Dust Bunnies are everywhere! They are so cute and fluffy. They cover every surface of our homes, including hiding under all the furniture, greeting us as we come and go daily. They even like to hang out together in every corner of the house! Unfortunately, they must have done away with the House Cleaning Fairy because those little fluffy bunnies are multiplying like crazy in true rabbit style. We haven’t seen our little Cleaning Fairy in a very long time. Where did she go? They never got along with her anyway. I guess one of them had to move out. It is so sad that the cute Dust Bunnies and the Cleaning Fairy couldn’t get along. We will miss our little Cleaning Fairy. Quick warn your Cleaning Fairy before it is way too late!


sobbing-while-dusting-House Cleaning Fairy-House Cleaning Fairy- House Cleaning quotes-

The Dust Bunnies killed my Cleaning Fairy. – Unknown




Who killed your cleaning fairy? Maybe now it’s time to hire a maid. Let us know below…