“A clean house is a sign of no internet connection.” – Unknown


What in the world are we going to do all day? The internet has been out since last night! No email? No Facebook? No twitter? How will we survive? Is this how it was for the cavemen before internet distractions? How awful. We could go outside and do something, but it is too cold and rainy. We could read the newspaper, but we stopped getting the paper delivered five years ago, you can read it on the internet you know. Geez, I guess there is nothing left to do but clean up this house. The vacuum, broom, and mop are the only things in our house that run without the internet connection. In fact, all our cleaning products are like that! How did we ever survive before the internet?


-Internet Distractions- A clean house is a sign of no internet connection - House Cleaning Quote-

A clean house is a sign of no internet connection. – Unknown




What did you use to do before the internet existed? Comment your thoughts below…