This FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) list has been put together to help our customers get answers about our maid service. Please contact us if this list doesn’t answer your questions.

Maids by Trade's FAQ

Our Maid Service FAQ:

Do you charge by the hour or by the job?
We can do both, depending on the type of cleaning. The first cleaning is always charged by the hour. For recurring service, we can set a flat fee or you can choose to pay by hour. In order to secure a flat fee, our estimator will meet with you to customize the cleaning of your home.
What is the hourly rate?
Call our office to get the current hourly rate for house cleaning. The rate might vary by location or territory. Membership holders will have a loyalty rate.
What is included with the hourly rate?
The hourly rate includes labor, cleaning supplies, and all equipment. If you are a Prime or Elite member you will get the lower loyalty rate.
What is the loyalty rate?
The loyalty rate is for clients that have a Prime or Elite membership. The loyalty rate is a locked-in lower rate. This rate is exclusively for members and will stay the same for the year of the membership.
Will I always have the same team?
For regular service we generally send the same team to each appointment. We make every effort to send the same team each visit so you get to know each other. However, sometimes due to illness, vacations, or other reasons beyond our control, we may have to substitute another team to clean your home. We will always inform you of the change beforehand.If security is a concern, please do know that every employee at Maids by Trade undergoes a background check and drug and alcohol testing. In addition, every team member is fully trained to do the best job possible.
Do I need to be home when you clean?
With the exception of the first cleaning, it is not necessary for you to be home. We ask for you to meet the house cleaning team on the first cleaning only. We can arrange access to your home for ongoing service.
How do you access my home for ongoing service?
For ease of access, you may provide us with a key. The key is coded and kept in a locked location with 24/7 monitoring surveillance.
Do you clean on the weekends?
We can come out on Saturdays for first cleanings. However, because we are typically closed Saturday, we do not set up ongoing service on the weekend. Also there is an additional fee for house cleaning requests for Saturdays.
Why is there no set time for arrival to a house cleaning appointment?
Typically, unless you have the first cleaning of the day, you will have a 3 hour arrival window. Sometimes it is hard to predict how long a prior job is going to take. We always want to give every home the attention it needs and to finish a job to our client’s complete satisfaction. Other factors, like traffic or weather, could delay our arrival. For your convenience, we can call you 30 minutes before arriving.
How soon can I have my house cleaned?
In most cases within 2 or 3 days; for larger jobs it might take a bit longer. If time is a concern, we also have Same Day Service. Call our office for availability and Same Day Service rates.
Can I reschedule my regularly scheduled maid service?
You can skip, reschedule, or even cancel as long as you do it by 2:00 PM the day before your cleaning appointment. Maids by Trade doesn’t push for any terms on contracts.
Is there a minimum required?
For your first cleaning we have a minimum of 4 man-hours of cleaning because it is more of a deep cleaning. This means our actual minimum is only 2 hours of cleaning as we always send out our cleaners in teams of 2.For ongoing service we have a minimum of 2.5 man-hours (1.25 hours with a team of two cleaners) with a minimum charge of $105. Other accommodations can be done for membership holders.
How can I share my feedback about Maids by Trade?
We always appreciate honest opinion and we take your feedback seriously. You can contact our office with any concerns. If you prefer, you can share your awesome experience on Google or Yelp. We appreciate the opportunity to correct any situations.
Can I refer Maids by Trade to a friend or family member?
Word-of-mouth recommendations are what keeps us going. Tell others about your clean home and how Maids by Trade is responsible for it, and we will give you a big THANK YOU. Just make sure your friend gives us your name so we can make sure both of you get treated like royalty for recommending and using our house cleaning services.
Is there a limit on referrals to Maids by Trade?
There is no limit on the number of referrals. The more referrals you send our way the more credits and upgrades you get on your account. That’s a great way to save money!
What if something is damaged during a home cleaning?
Very rarely is anything damaged, but accidents do happen. If anything is damaged during your cleaning we will do our best to find a replacement. Remember, you’re working with a professional company and we are licensed, bonded, and insured.
Why does the first cleaning take longer?
Before we can begin regularly scheduled maintenance cleaning of a home, there are a variety of first-time tasks that require extra time and effort. Certain areas of your residence require a deeper cleaning to bring the residence up to our standards. Once this initial deep cleaning is completed, the cleanings will be shorter.
What are your payment terms?
Payment is due at the time the service. This helps us keep our overhead expenses down. Please do know there is a billing fee every time we have to send an invoice for service.
Is there a credit card convenience fee?
There is a credit card convenience fee of 3%. There is no additional charge for recurring clients with a house cleaning membership.
What forms of payment do you take?
At this time, you can pay with cash or check at the time of service. There is a 3% credit card convenience fee should you choose to pay with a credit card or debit card.
Do you clean windows?
Yes, we can clean the interior of your windows. We don’t clean the exterior of windows as our teams and cars are not equipped to do so. Exterior window cleaning is a whole different industry and it requires separate training, licensing, insurance, and pricing generally higher than what you will pay for house cleaning. We’d rather focus on what are good at (house cleaning).In addition, cleaning windows is not part of our recurring service. If you would like the interior of your windows cleaned, please contact our office at least 48 hours in advance so we can properly organize and prepare the team. Please note we will only clean the inside of windows we can reach with a 3 foot step ladder.
Do I have to provide supplies and equipment?
No. We provide all professional house cleaning solutions, sanitized supplies for each house, and vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters.
What kind of cleaning products do you use?      
Maids by Trade prides itself on using environmentally friendly products that are Green Certified and in accordance with the EcoPink System.
Do you require term contracts?
We have no term contracts; you can start or stop service at any time. Maids by Trade relies 100% on the quality of services we provide to retain customers.
How many people are in a team?
We generally send out a team of 2 house cleaners. However for larger cleanings or special requests, we do send out a team of 3 team members.
Do you do laundry?
No. At this time Maids by Trade doesn’t offer laundry services.
Do you do organization?
We can do light organization at an hourly rate. The team will accommodate your organization needs. This task needs to be pre-arranged prior to a house cleaning appointment.
Do you do dishes?
We don’t regularly do dishes as part of ongoing service unless it is prearranged when the in-home estimate is done. We can do it as part of one time or on-call cleaning and it’s done strictly by the hour.
What are the extra tasks offered?
We have additional services that can be included on your first cleaning or recurring service with a timely request, these can include: the cleaning of blinds, windows, refrigerator, oven, fireplace and others. Let us know in advance so that we can prepare our teams with the proper equipment and supplies.
What is the cost for extras offered?
Each extra task offered does not have set price, so for more information contact our office.
Do you perform any additional tasks?
If you don’t see a task you want performed listed on our website, please call or contact our office and we will see if we can accommodate your cleaning needs.
How do I request additional cleaning tasks for my scheduled appointment?
We ask for you to request any additional tasks at least 24 hours prior to your pre-scheduled cleaning appointment. Same day requests will incur additional charges, as we have to deploy someone from our office to deliver additional supplies to your home. Last minute changes can throw off our schedule and we prefer to be notified in advance.
Do you use bleach?
Maids by Trade doesn’t use bleach and it’s not a cleaning product we carry.
Can you clean or remove mold?
Removing mold can be a hazardous task for our house cleaning crews. Under certain circumstances we can try cleaning mold, but we cannot guarantee its removal. Often times this task requires an specialist’s assessment and treatment. We offer more information about mold in a section of our Cleaning Tips.
Can my pet be at home while your team is cleaning?
We pride ourselves for having pet-friendly teams! We will do our best to make your pet feel comfortable while cleaning your home. Please let us know if your pet is not friendly with strangers so we can make some accommodations.
Can your team handle or walk my pet?
While our house cleaning crews are pet-friendly, we do NOT handle or walk any pets.
Do you do move-out cleanings?
Yes, we can do both move-out and move-in cleanings. Please specify which type of cleaning you need when requesting a quote for service as we can customize the job for the best outcome.
What’s included in a move-out cleaning?  
For Renters:
We do recommend checking with your landlord for any specific requirements. Some landlords have different standards and expectations. Remember, the full refund of your deposit is not only based on the house cleaning. Always confirm with your landlord on what might affect a deposit refund.For homeowners:
Please specify any areas you think might need more attention and clarify what the purpose of the move out is: sold house, leasing, etc. This information will help us in fulfilling your expectations better.
Do you move furniture?
For the safety of our teams, we cannot move any objects over 35 pounds.
Do you clean commercial properties?
Commercial cleaning is not our main focus. However, we are able to do small office buildings or retail spaces. Smaller business can also become members to save money for recurring commercial cleaning services.
Are you open on holidays?
Maids by Trade is closed for Labor Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas day. Any other day is business as usual.
What does my cleaning include?
There is no set of items included on all cleanings. We tailor our services to fit our clients’ needs. Please see our house cleaning Service Options.
Do you clean carpets?
We vacuum carpets. We do not use shampoo or wash carpets.
Do you clean walls?
We do not do top-to-bottom cleaning of walls, but we can absolutely spot clean them.
Do you clean basements?
We will clean a finished basement, but we do not clean unfinished basements. In addition, we only mop basement floors that have a smooth finish.
Can you clean my garage?
We can sweep the garage or carport. We do not remove oils from garage floor. Please refer to our cleaning tips archive and read this guide to removing stains from concrete.
Are tips for the cleaning crews included in the price?
Tips are not included, and while most clients do it, tipping is optional. The team members always appreciate recognition of their hard work.
Do I need to prepare my home before my team arrives?
There is no requirement for you to “prepare” your house, but it is often very helpful to de-clutter. This will help the team work more efficiently, and it will save you money as it will take the crews less time to clean your home.
What is the difference between recurring service and the first cleaning?
The first cleaning is a deep cleaning, so it tends to take longer because it is more detailed cleaning. Recurring service is the ongoing maintenance of your home.
Are your team members trustworthy?
We do a criminal background check on all of our team members as well as pre-employment and random drug checks. We verify that each candidate has the necessary documentation to work legally in this country. We are licensed, bonded, and insured.
Will cleaning always be done on the same day?
With the exception of severe weather or holidays, your cleaning day will remain the same. We can change the service day if you need to modify the schedule. However, switching service day might trigger switching your team. Please let us know if you have any concerns.
What is the arrival time frame the day of service?
We can provide a fixed arrival time if your house is the first job on a team’s list. Second, third, and even fourth jobs have an arrival time window to prevent the teams from rushing. This helps us keep our teams safe and reduces breakage. In addition, we want to make sure we give our full attention to every home, every time.
What’s the best way to provide feedback?
We are happy to hear your feedback or constructive criticism. Let us know if there is an area we need to improve. If you are satisfied with your experience with Maids by Trade, feel free to rate our services online. We monitor our online accounts and we are happy correct any situations.

If you still have questions about our maid service, please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions.