Commercial Cleaning & Sanitation Services

As a professional and reputable cleaning company, we offer more than just clean homes. Over the years we have implemented various service options with extensive cleaning procedures that have been put in place to take on any type of job whether big or small. We serve a great number of local businesses in the area because we are a reliable, dependable, and trustworthy company.

Our Professional Cleaning Teams

Maids by Trade is fully licensed, bonded and insured. More than that, we are professionals that deliver quality service because we care about our work. Our cleaners are honest, hardworking and trustworthy people. Each team member undergoes a complete background check and drug testing.

Our team members will work hard cleaning and sanitizing your business so you can have more time to run a smooth operation.

Before you invite us into your business, meet our team members!

A System You Can Trust

We firmly believe in being environmentally responsible and strive to always use the most earth-friendly products available. Our exclusive EcoPink℠ System prevents cross contamination and reduces the excessive use of cleaning products and the waste of water.

Offering full cleaning and sanitation for your business while minimizing the risks for your customers and employees during these difficult times.  By following this system we can provide you with a clean and healthy environment. Give us a call today!

Business Sanitation Done Right

Maids by Trade’s hospital-grade cleaning supplies will provide a deep clean with a focus to high-touch areas. Disinfecting the common areas of your office and other high-touch surfaces can help keep your space healthy and clean. Our process for cleaning and disinfecting includes the following areas:

»» Main door knobs

»» Faucets and sinks

»» Interior door handles

»» Appliances & drawer pulls

»» Common space countertops and tabletops

Commercial Clients We Service

»» Retail Shops

»» Business offices

»» General building maintenance

»» Warehouses

»» Hospitality

»» Healthcare

»» Gyms

»» Education

»» Daycares

Commercial Cleaning For Any Industry


Building maintenance

  • Our standard services include cleaning of private offices, work stations, bathrooms, kitchen, mopping and vacuuming throughout the building.
  • All surfaces will be maintained, including: woodwork, baseboards and window sills
  • Mirrors, sinks and counters will be wiped
  • Drinking fountains and hand dryers will be sanitized
  • Kitchen and bathroom cabinets and microwave will be wiped down
  • Front business door will be spot-cleaned
  • All restroom and kitchen supplies will be restocked
  • Trash and recycling removal

Expanded services done as needed

  • Vacuum furniture and work chairs
  • Spot clean fingerprints off glass doors and dividers
  • Spot clean walls, reception counter and kitchen area.
  • Wipe chairs, furniture legs and apply conditioner to the white leather chairs
  • Wipe out the refrigerator
  • Clean showers and locker rooms

In addition, we have an on-call team for unexpected cleaning needs, emergency spills or events. If you have any other needs beyond these, contact us to discuss whether we can provide the services you need.

Supplies and Equipment

  • We provide high grade cleaning supplies and equipment at no additional charge
  • Our cleaning products are Green Seal certified and EPA approved
  • We use top-rated tools to help get the job done
  • We provide and set up a cleaning stations/closet for storing supplies and tools

Other commercial cleaning services are available upon request. Every job is customized when an in-house-estimate is provided. All of our team members go beyond expectations to perform and deliver optimum results in every job.

Contact our office for a free estimate on commercial cleaning and sanitation services.