“I wish one of my personalities liked to clean.”

– Unknown Author

My husband keeps telling me I have multiple personalities. One is sweet and kind, one is grumpy, and one is super angry. He only likes one of them. I wonder which one it is. I get along with all three of them, but I am still trying to convince at least the sweet and kind one to do a few of my housecleaning chores for me. So far she hasn’t budged an inch. So maybe she isn’t so sweet and kind as I thought after all! Maybe one of the others?…nah, I am pretty sure I won’t have any luck convincing either of them. Maybe I need another personality?


I wish one of my personalities liked to clean-savvy humor- Multiple Personalities-

I wish one of my personalities liked to clean. – Unknown




Everyone has at least a couple of personalities. One of them just needs to stay in charge. Which of your personalities is the leader? Let us know below…