Maids by Trade’s Background

Maids by Trade is a company Built on a Spotless Reputation. We got to be that way through hard work and a unique approach to the home service industry. We’re now an established business leader in the area, but our first priority remains providing our clients with clean comfortable homes. Here’s a little about our background as a successful business, a community member, and an industry innovator.

Maids by Trade home service

Cutting-edge business model

The founder of Maids by Trade, Fortino Barajas, identified the need for a standard of home service that demanded the use of environmentally-responsible cleaning products. After doing extensive research, he created the EcoPink™ System which is now a staple of Maids by Trade. Fortino collaborated with the nonprofit Green Seal to develop a rigorous green standard for house cleaning companies, bringing Maids by Trade to the forefront of eco-responsible cleaning practices and making it the first company in Oregon to implement an eco-friendly system. Maids by Trade has constantly sought out new cleaning methods and standards with the goal of encouraging eco-responsibility in the community and training its employees about eco-responsible practices. Maids by Trade believes in the quote, “There is a balance in nature that humans should not interrupt.”

Media exposure

Maids by Trade truly appreciates the recognition the company has received.  We won the Super Service Award from Angie’s List twice, received accolades from the different communities we serve, and have one of the most impressive referral rates in the nation. In addition, the company gained notoriety when it was featured in ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap and from an appearance on KGW’s News Channel 8 where a representative spoke about ways to avoid the common flu and norovirus. Maids by Trade has also been featured on KPTV Fox 12 when Fortino, on behalf of all of the Maids by Trade family, made a donation to the Children’s Cancer Association.

Community engagement

Maids by Trade is a Portland-born company. We recognize that, as a part of this community, we have an obligation to be an active supporter of the community. Maids by Trade has collaborated with many non-profit organizations such as the The Portland Women’s Expo Foundation, Cleaning for a Reason, The Children’s Cancer Association, Kino’s Mission, and the APS Foundation and other LGBT community organizations.

Maids by Trade also supports the local community by ensuring we make our business purchases locally. As many supplies and equipment come from Oregon as possible, from the cleaning solutions made in Wilsonville, OR, to the vacuums and accessories purchased on Southeast Portland’s Belmont Street. Portland is our home, so we have good reason to support its economy and environment.

Growth Opportunities

Maids by Trade supports entrepreneurship. We have helped many people transform into successful business owners by facilitating the ownership of locally-owned franchises. Maids by Trade is a sustainable and fair business model for home service that can be used by many to accomplish their dreams. Contact us about our franchise opportunities.