The birds are chirping, green has returned to the grass, and most importantly, the sun is shining. Beautiful weather reinvigorates the entire body as Mother Nature begins a new cycle. Right about now the exterior of your home probably looks inviting, but does the interior match this quality? It might be time for a fresh round of residential spring cleaning.


Recharge with Spring Cleaning


1. Reorganizing for fresh weather

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of sun on your face to inspire a robust afternoon of house cleaning. Wanting the inside of your house to match the radiance outside is a desire everyone understands. Take some time early in the season to accomplish your spring cleaning before the busyness of summer activities and vacations slows you down.


2. Reevaluate your monthly bins

In this post 3 Must-Take Actions to Prepare Your Home for summer, we recommend purchasing 12 storage bins to resolve your monthly organizational tasks with ease. Keeping the majority of your household items in month-coded bins makes spring cleaning even easier. Spring is the perfect time to reevaluate your monthly bins and decide what to keep or toss. Getting rid of non-essentials will leave you feeling lighter and freer, just like the calm spring air floating gently into your home.


3. Open your windows

Speaking of air flow, no spring cleaning checklist is complete without acknowledging your windows. Give your windows a good inspection for stubborn grime and dirt, and be prepared to bust out the cleaning supplies. Newspaper with water or white vinegar is a trustworthy combination, able to wipe clean the dirt that’s been sitting around since the beginning of winter. To learn more, check out why we as a maid service really clean with vinegar.


4. Vacuum all floors

To keep relishing in the pleasant, fresh scents of spring, your rooms have to stay as clean as possible, which means a solid vacuuming session is in order. Break out your best vacuum and tackle this spring cleaning centerpiece. Many of the germs that enter a room are through feet or shoes, and thick carpet is the perfect environment for germs to settle in. Eliminating these germs and bacteria with a good vacuuming will leave your whole house in good health. For more tips on keeping your whole house in “green health,” read our 6 tips for leading a green life and making green purchases.


Want More Spring Cleaning?

As light and airy as it feels when you’re done, spring cleaning is not always as heavenly as it sounds! Lifting furniture, bending down into tight corners and reaching for nooks and crannies can get exhausting. Rest assured that our cleaning teams are always prepared to help you uncover the sparkling potential of a clean home.

Any time is a good time for spring cleaning. Contact us today for a customized in-home-estimate!