3 Steps to Prepare Your Home for Summer


Maids by Trade recommends the following three actions to help you in keeping your home clean and organized this summer:


1 – Month-Coded Bins

If you have never experimented with designating various household items to monthly bins, there is almost nothing more clarifying or rewarding than this, especially for summer. In many instances, remaining indoors throughout most of the year’s colder months can allow papers, clothing, boxes and regular household items to pile up on one another, causing belongings to get buried and lost.

If you do not already have some, the cost to invest in 12 or so plastic storage bins is worth it. Quality bins can be found between $20 and $50 each, a purchase that will pay for itself over time. They will serve their purpose well for many years, you will never be unorganized again and sometimes, you will not always need 12 bins. Occasionally the regular items used from one month can be shared with the bin space of another month.

By taking one bin and placing common summer items in it, such as swimsuits, children’s toys, and lawn care items, it automatically frees up space in your house to more quickly locate missing items or other seasonal objects. Sooner than later, you have a nearly self-organizing system for every month of the year.


2 – Cleaning Doors and Windows

Alongside the desire to have windows and doors open to experience gentle summer breezes, doors and windows look great and operate better year-round when cleaned well.

Harnessing the opportunity of lighter weather to address cleaning duties allows for home maintenance to be seamless when fall and winter approach. Using an all-purpose cleaner or even baking soda with a little bit of water works like a charm for cleaning out the tracks of doors and windows.

As glass and wood objects expand slightly during warmer months, this ensures that gunk and grime do not end up covering more surface area than they already are. This also means that dirt particles are less likely to become accidentally lodged in wood fixtures because of shrinking, in the colder months that follow summer.


3 – Scheduling Routine Cleanings for Summer

Summer is a time when most families’ minds are elsewhere – anticipating a vacation, planning a party, or simply making time to relax. Even though most families or individuals do not want to commit larger amounts of time to cleaning areas of their home, planning cleaning days early in the summer allows for more money to be saved and less stress to be experienced later in the year.

Single-family homeowners, or residents with property other than an apartment, typically seek to have facets of a house such as a chimney or basement examined at the end of summer or the beginning of fall.

Organizing appointments for such inspections now means that you will not have to fret over companies being overbooked in their busy season. There is nothing more enjoyable than being ahead of the curve. Scheduling house cleaning during the summer is also more likely to aid in de-cluttering in a later season.

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