Yes! It turns out vinegar can clean nearly everything. Not only is it versatile but it’s a natural “green” cleaning tool as well. Don’t be surprised if you find your maid service using this powerful liquid cleanser.

There are many different types available, ranging from beer to coconut to kombucha. None of these are used for cleaning purposes, however. Your maid service should be using white. This type goes by a few others names, including virgin or distilled vinegar, but they’re all the same.


A Maid Service Cleaning with Vinegar — Really


More About the Green Cleaning Machine

Vinegar is distilled entirely from malt or corn alcohol and contains no artificial chemicals. Few cleaners come close to its purity. Maid services aren’t alone in using it; scientists use it to keep laps sparkling, chefs add it to fine dishes, and it’s a magic ingredient in anything pickled.

Here are just a few uses in professional cleaning:

  • Countertops–a maid service can use it to bring shine to many countertop materials.
  • Cleaning grease from the oven–your maid service can remove any oily gunk from the oven racks and window.
  • Shining chrome sink fixtures–your maid service will banish lime buildup clouding the handles and spout.

There are plenty you can use it at home as well. Here are a few household-oriented tips:

  • Get rid of stains from coffee mugs–just scrub the inside of each cup with equal parts baking soda and vinegar, then rinse.
  • Remove buildup and odors from your dishwasher–pour a cup in the detergent compartment and run a full cycle.
  • Scare off ants and other pests–spray undiluted vinegar near appliances or on windowsills where these irritating bugs are turning up.


Do NOT use vinegar on the following:

  • waxed wood–it will leave cloudy marks and ruin the finish.
  • marble–this is a softer stone, and it can damage its surface.
  • waxed vinyl or linoleum–same as the wood. Unwaxed, however, is fine. Clean away!


There you have it! The many, miraculous cleaning uses of vinegar. As a quick reminder to everyone, remember to use manufacturer’s specifications for cleaning specialty surfaces, and remember to advise your maid service of any surfaces that require special care or attention and should not come into contact with vinegar.