The green movement has been gaining steam for many years, and most individuals are now more concerned about how their choices impact the environment than ever before. Many people want to lead a green life, but are struggling or unsure of the steps to take.  We have listed some ways homeowners can reduce their impact on the environment.


How to Lead a Green Life and Make Green Purchases


1 – Regardless of the cleaning job at hand, if plain water and the necessary cleaning tool will not get the job done, select the cleaning agent that has the fewest added chemicals or substances. This will help to keep your house free of unnecessary materials and chemicals for future cleaning projects. The entire Maids by Trade process is certified through the EcoPink™ System, ensuring that our work will not have an adverse environmental impact.


2 – If you are looking to renovate or remodel your home, conduct research before taking action on the project so that you can be as well informed as possible on how to implement green technology and fixtures. LED and CFL light bulbs use fewer watts and last longer than traditional light bulbs, or incandescent bulbs. CFL and LED bulbs have a much more balanced ratio of input to output, as compared to incandescent bulbs, which waste 80 to 90 percent of their energy conversion.


3 – Air freshener spray cans can cause more issues than they solve, especially issues affecting development of infants and babies. Instead of using these, fill a small spray bottle with white vinegar to spray on malodorous areas. You, your home, and the environment will all benefit from this green cleaning approach.


4 – If you are moving, consider a few critical factors regarding your new home. A home with Energy Star or Built Green certification will make a significant impact on the usage of your home and its future effects on its surroundings. Locating a home that is closer to grocery stores, areas of business and public services will minimize your frequency of transportation. Using a bicycle or public transport such as buses whenever possible facilitates green living even further.


5 – Bathrooms provide a host of opportunities to make greener purchases and lead a better green life. Many positive changes can be made in respect to water usage, namely shower heads and toilets. Installing a newer, more efficient shower head can reduce water usage by 30 percent or more, and can assist in making sure showers do not experience the build-up of mold, scum and mildew when not in use.

Make sure to use your bathroom’s ventilation fan during and after a shower, as this helps to remove moisture in the air. Always hang towels in a freestanding, vertical fashion, as not doing this can allow moisture to build-up and potentially form bacteria. Installing a bidet toilet can save not only 75 to 100 percent of paper usage, but the energy consumed in producing that toilet paper as well. Americans use about 34 million rolls of toilet paper per day, and using less toilet paper can massively reduce this number.


6 – Be on guard about small or invisible contaminants that can make their way into your home on shoe bottoms and through windows and doors. Dust and allergen particles can float in through minute openings, and shoes are havens for diverse microbes. The most effective way to address this is to vacuum surfaces (especially carpets) on a weekly basis, particularly if your vacuum has a HEPA filter. Green living is at its finest when the reduction of toxins is maximized.


Leading a Green Life Needs Support

Maids by Trade is a company that supports homeowners’ efforts to have a green life and home! Consider taking advantage of our proven EcoPink™ System and contact us for an estimate today.