More than even Earth Day or the first day of spring, St. Patrick’s Day is usually the greenest day around! There are a number of reasons the color green has persisted in association with St. Patrick’s Day. The most commonly cited reason is because Saint Patrick, the Romano-British Christian missionary, originally used the green shamrock (clover) to explain the Trinity to the Irish people.


Freshen Up for St. Patrick's Day


Since then, the color green has remained a stark statement on St. Patrick’s Day when celebrated across the world. Fortunately, the color green has a high association with cleanliness and protecting the environment. This St. Patrick’s Day, dive into our suggestions to enrich your house with green – both literally and metaphorically!


Give your house an extra boost of green

Striving to live in a green house is becoming easier and easier. Companies recognize the massive consumer interest in preserving a green planet and are changing what they sell to reflect this communal desire. Your garbage bags, plastic ware, lightbulbs, paper towels and cardboard items can all be used a certain way – or traded for another version – to become greener. Check out these 6 tips for leading a green life and making green purchases. St. Patrick’s Day will have never felt cleaner!


Renovate and update your cleaning supplies

St. Patrick’s Day may find you sifting through your cleaning supplies, only to find out that they’re all outdated in some way. That can of stale furniture polish? Toss it out. The mop with half its yarn missing? Time to go. Take a look through all of your main cleaning supplies and prioritize what to keep and what needs a replacement.

What’s more, make a list of the absolute essentials you need, and move from there. If you find an odd cleaning supply that you use once a year or less, chances are you won’t need it for St. Patrick’s Day either. Once you have your new list made, here are 5 ways to prepare your home for St. Patrick’s Day.


Let the magic of baking soda and vinegar go to work

The power of white vinegar and baking soda are somehow still underrated, even though they work to demolish most gunk and grime found in any household. Vinegar is fantastic for smooth surfaces or cleaning jobs that require a liquid, and baking soda is a powerhouse of deodorization, spot removal and all-purpose cleaning. Read up on these 7 amazing uses for baking soda around your home.

Banish the un-green forever with our EcoPink™ System

Over the past 15 years, Maids by Trade have meticulously crafted our exclusive EcoPink™ System with your health and safety in mind. We uphold our cleaning methods to the strictest of standards, only using cleaning equipment that is EPA-approved and environmentally sustainable. To have your home as green as can be for St. Patrick’s Day, contact us today for your free estimate!