St. Paddy’s Day is right around the corner on March 17th! You know what that means. Time to begin preparations for a merry night of hearty food, traditional music and many a toast to friendship and family. If you’re already carving out time to prepare the house with decorations and dishes for your St. Patrick’s Day shindig, we admire your dedication. We’ve created this list for early party planners just like you. Add these five ideas to your agenda in when preparing your home for St. Patrick’s Day!


5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for St. Patrick's Day


1. St. Patrick’s Day Streamers (and more)

The first impression you make on your guests is all in the visuals. This St. Patrick’s Day, grab some green streamers, clover or shamrock themed if you can find them! Throw them up all over the living room, the back patio and even the front porch to go big this year. Atmosphere is just as important for a great St. Patrick’s Day. If any of your friends play the fiddle, flute, harp or pipes, ask if they’ll consider performing. If all else fails, there’s always Pandora to add some accordions to the mix!


2. Delicious Dinner Dishes

First impressions may be sight and sound, but smell is a very close second. Few things beat walking through the front door and being marinated in the aromas of hearty, home-cooked traditional dishes. Don’t forget to keep it green for St. Patrick’s Day! Mashed potatoes? Add some spinach (don’t forget lots of butter). Breads? Bake with basil. Steak? Serve with brussel sprouts. Asparagus, broccoli and green beans can go à la carte. They already come dressed in full St. Patrick’s Day spirit.


3. Pots of (chocolate) Gold

If your friends’ kids are coming along to join the St. Patrick’s Day festivities, placing pots of these delicious coins at strategic locations all over the house is a great move. Nothing is more enticing than sweet chocolate wrapped in golden foil. No one will notice if you sneak a few here and there over the course of your gathering. If you really want to complete the effect, place some decorative paper or plastic rainbows behind the pots. St. Patrick’s Day wouldn’t be complete without leprechaun cutouts guarding the gold too!


4. Green, Green and More Green

Don’t get pinched! Remember to wear green clothing this St. Patrick’s Day, whether you choose a tie, suspenders or suit up in a Brooks Brothers apple green custom fit. Get your leprechaun on. There are plenty of other areas to add a green touch too! Pins, hair, napkins, balloons, flowers, facepaint and beer (amber ale poured into a cup with a few drops of food coloring works winningly) can all be part of the color scheme.


5. A St. Patrick’s Day House Cleaning

If you haven’t gotten your spring cleaning out of the way yet, St. Patrick’s Day prep is as good a time as any to start. Enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day with your friends in a clean home. Make sure every room in the house gets a good scrubbing, or if you’d rather have someone else take care of things, consider hiring a house cleaning service or maid service to drop by the day before and leave the home spotless. Explore our green cleaning solutions.

We love it if you like our suggestions, but don’t forget to add a personal touch to your St. Patrick’s Day. Make the celebration unique to you and your friends, and stay safe this year. We wish you the very best of luck!

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