The phone rings. It is your mother-in-law announcing that she bought a last minute airline ticket and needs you to pick her up from the airport tomorrow morning. Oh, and she is bringing the whole family including the dog. Great! Now you have less than 24 hours to figure out how to clean the house, buy groceries, and figure out where everyone will sleep. It may be time for a Same Day Maid Service!


House Guests & Using Same Day Maid Service


Last Minute Cleaning

Last minute house guests tend to throw a wrench in your plans. House guests are always stressful and even more so without time to prepare. Your house might not be as clean as you would like it to be. Find some tips on preparation for your house guests. In my experience, working in a “First in First Out” methodology is the quickest way to clean. That means you clean one room at a time from start to finish before moving to the next room. It reduces inefficiencies and allows you to feel a greater sense of accomplishments by finishing a complete room. Having a helper also will drastically reduce the cleaning time. However, I almost always find myself in a bind when company announces a last minute arrival. I just do not have the time to clean the house the way I would like to before they get here.


This is where a same day maid service comes to save the day. 
The maids help preserve my sanity!


Using Same Day Maid Service

With everything else that you’ll have to coordinate and worry about, leave most of the house cleaning to the professionals. Same day maid service can come to the rescue. The maids will show up the same day you request the service and have the house sparkling long before your guests arrive. A Same Day Maid Service will help you out of a pinch and allow you to focus on more important items. You can see some of the many Benefits of Hiring a House Cleaning Service to see for yourself.


House Guests & Using Same Day Maid Service from Maids by Trade


Your House is Not Perfect

Cut yourself some slack. Even if it is your mother-in-law coming to visit, chances are she doesn’t expect your house to be perfect. Chances are that her house is not perfect either. We tend to set such high expectations for ourselves and then are disappointed when we can’t meet those expectations. The truth is that we are the only ones setting such high expectations. Our house guests are not going to be as critical as we think. Do what you can and then just sit back and enjoy the company of your family or friends. Consider using a Same Day Maid Service to help you out.


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