It takes courage to open up your home to other people (and their judgment!). Having company over or throwing a party requires not just a plan for entertainment and food, but a spotless home. Your house has to impress while also serving as the backdrop to what really matters, friends and good times. Here are some suggestions for cleaning for company that will help make your event memorable while ensuring dirt is totally forgotten.


Cleaning for Company


No Harsh Smells

Of course you’re going to straighten up and do general cleaning. But what can happen if you do lots of cleaning right before your guests come over? If you use harsh products, your home will have a strong smell. This is unpleasant, but could also cause adverse health reactions in your guests, such as headaches. You should already use gentle cleaners for your own health, but if you don’t, do so for your guests.


Open Inviting Spaces

Make sure your home is clutter-free. No one wants to walk into someone else’s space and feel claustrophobic. You also might want space to play games, such as rummy or charades. Clear surfaces and open spaces allow your guests to move about your home as they like.


Focus on the First Impression and the Bathroom

Making sure the first place a guest sees makes immediate sense, but maybe you’re wondering about why to make sure the bathroom dazzles. The bathroom is the place where a guest will spend the most time alone. They’ll have time to focus on their surroundings rather than on the other guests, so you need to make sure this room is up to snuff: clean surfaces, fresh hand towels, a streak-free mirror, the works. If you know you have a nosy guest coming over, you might even want to organize your medicine cabinet (or hide anything you don’t want to get snooped!).


Cleaning for Company

It doesn’t matter whether you’re hosting a birthday party, a book club meeting, or Thanksgiving dinner—your home has to look great. Of course, you can make everything easier on yourself and call a professional and eco-friendly house cleaning service to come and help you out. Find out more about Maids by Trade’s award-winning services on our Service Options page.