Looking for Same Day House Cleaning Service?

Maids by Trade comes to the rescue by providing same day house cleaning service. Our maid services are now available for same day service requests or at least by the next day if our availability is reduced due to a high demand.

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Our Tucson location has a new team and it’s currently offering same day service. Please call to confirm availability.

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Same day service from Maids by Trade

What options are available for same day service?

Maids by Trade offers three service options but generally the Standard Service will address the most basic house cleaning necessities, from the bathrooms and kitchen to dusting, vacuuming and light organizing.

Why does same day service cost more?

While we attempt to deliver our house cleaning services at competitive rates, the reality is that it takes some effort to reorganize our pre-scheduled clients and cleaning crew’s lineup to accommodate your emergency cleaning. Don’t worry it’s not going to cost you an arm & a leg, it’s only to cover the cost for the labor involved in last minute changes.

How much does it cost to use same day house cleaning service?

In order for us to deploy our house cleaning crews, we have a $29 setup fee plus our hourly rate charge for same day house cleaning service.

How effective is Maids by Trade’s same day house cleaning service?

Our same day service is just a good if not better than our standard service. The effort is to deliver the best house cleaning experience even when your request comes in short notice. Once you experience our standard house cleaning service for the first time, our premium maid service might of interest to you.

Why is same day house cleaning service important?

Maids by Trade is a company built on a spotless reputation and as a company with a solid background we fulfill all your house cleaning needs. We are confident that our same day house cleaning service will leave your house sparkling for that last minute event or special day. We aim at delivering this service to you at a moment’s notice.
So what types of events might trigger a need for same day house cleaning service in your home?

  • Surprise guests
  • In-laws are on their way over.
  • A sudden event in the family
  • Short notice moving
  • Your day didn’t have enough hours
  • Last minute traveling
  • Just because a day at the spa sounds better than a day house cleaning

Regardless of the reasons as for why you might need same day house cleaning service, Maids by Trade is here to help. Relax, we can help you with your house cleaning needs so you can focus in what’s more important – your guests, your family, yourself.

Don’t worry, which ever your situation you can depend on Maids by Trade for your last minute Maid service needs or house cleaning “emergencies”. We got your back. Remember, our same day house cleaning service comes with a full customer-satisfaction guarantee.

Note: Same day service might have restricted availability based on daily demand. Call our office for faster service and for availability in your area.