Very much like cleaning, moving is a task that most people dread – not always for the fact that they are moving, but because of the complexity. Sifting through hundreds of belongings is emotionally and physically taxing as it is, and then once you arrive at the new destination, everything has to be unloaded and re-positioned again. Stay a cut above the rest with these five tips for preparing your home for moving.


How to Prepare Your Home for Moving


Stay organized, from start to finish

One of the most powerful adages that rings as true today as it did when it began is “failing to plan is planning to fail.” No area of life escapes the truth within this statement, and moving certainly requires an earnest effort of planning and organization.

At least two months before your move, reserve a notebook to write down each aspect of preparing for the move that you will need to work with each according week. Tasks can include obtaining permits, deciding on using professionals or not, arranging travel plans, managing subscriptions and just getting the packing done. Ultimately, as much as it may seem there are endless peripheral matters to attend to, the biggest obstacle is sorting through clutter and packing everything you need. Use this Moving Checklist with Timeline Included.


Load and unload your items based on the room they belong to

Resist any temptation there is to clump like items together, and stick with keeping all room-related items as close as they can be. When you arrive at your new home and you unexpectedly need to find something in a hurry, your best friend will have been keeping all of your boxes labeled by color and with the room. That way, when it is time to unload everything, half of your work is already done.


Take a bit of extra time to clean up problem areas

You, the moving crew (if you hired one) and anyone involved in the sale of your house (if that applies) do not want to be clearing out your home and stumble across a broken valve, dirty corner of a room or other last-minute inconveniences. Set aside at least one or two days to inspect any parts of your house that might need extra cleaning, and based on your findings, proceed as is appropriate. Use these 5 Speedy Tips for Cleaning and Moving.


Purchase more conservatively as you get closer to moving

The last thing you need to worry about is buying more possessions or even extra food a short period of time before moving. Items in the pantry and refrigerator food can be two of the most unexpected complications before a move, so keep this in mind when going to the grocery store or going out to eat. Only buy what you can finish, and only keep what you will be eating within one week.


Cut down on potential distractions

There are still other distractions that can pop up in the events surrounding a move, even if they are just more physical obstacles. If you have children or pets, make arrangements for them to be away from the scene of the move when it is moving day. This will ease the pressure on all parties involved, and your friends, family or neighbors will likely jump at the opportunity, because it means they will have a chance to interact with you further before you leave.

Sorting through clutter and preparing all of your closest belongings to be moved is a challenging experience as it is. Toss cleaning your house onto that list, and it can become too much. Consider taking advantage of our licensed, experienced and timely house cleaning services to get the job done for you.