Whether moving to the other side of town or overseas, you still need to organize and plan every move carefully. This guide with time line will make this process easier.


Moving Checklist with Timeline Included


2 Months Before You Move

—    Sort through the contents of closets, drawers, and cupboards to weed out what you don’t want or need. Having a yard sale or donating unwanted items to charity is a good way to reduce  the load to move.

—    Inventory and document everything of value you plan to move and determine replacement values for insurance purposes. Taking pictures is a great way to keep record.

—    Obtain estimates from at least two moving companies and choose one that earns your trust.


6 Weeks before the moving day

—    Finalize real estate or rental needs. Don’t forget the 30-day notice if you’re require to provide one.

—    If moving out of town, make travel arrangements. Don’t forget travel accommodations for your pets.

—    Notify your children’s schools of the move and contact new schools for enrollment information.

—    Obtain copies of school records, or have them sent to new schools.


1 Month before moving

—    Notify utility companies to disconnect services the day after you move and to have new service activated several days before you arrive at your new house. Look up online directories to find information on utility companies.

—    If necessary, arrange for storage in your new community. We recommend getting rid of stuff you can live without. New place, new life!

—    If you’re packing your house yourself, order supplies and start packing boxes. Always start with items you don’t need or use often.


1 Week Before

—    If you’re packing your house yourself, finish packing boxes.

—    Confirm travel arrangements, if needed.

—    Arrange payment or deposit for movers.

—    Get cash to have on hand to tip mover

—    Write directions to your new home for the moving company, confirm delivery date, and confirm your itinerary with moving company.

—    Complete change-of-address forms at the post office or do it online, and send notices to friends, family and other organizations and business that might need to contact you.

—    Cancel newspaper subscriptions. Once moved, consider a greener option to stay up to date; most newspapers are now online.

—    Notify your employers of your new contact information.

—    Clean rugs and have them packed for moving.

—    Obtain health certificates from your vet for pets traveling by air.

—    Pack suitcases you plan to move yourself with clothes, toiletries, jewelry, and important financial records and documents.


On Moving Day

—    Pack your first-night box and other essentials.

—    Be part of the packing process, as the moving company might have last minure questions. Besides, you’ll need to create an inventory of your possessions and their condition before they are loaded.

—    Sign the bill of lading (ensure that the address and phone number are correct) and inventory, and keep your copies in a safe place.

—    Lock windows, turn off lights, close doors, and take a final tour after the movers have finished to make certain nothing is left behind.

—    Take pictures with your cell phone of all moving documents in case you luggage gets lost or misplace. This way you will always have a backup with you.

—    Lastly, let your cleaning service do the final clean up. You’ll need all the energy you can save to unpack your belongings once they arrive at your new home.


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