We’ve discussed packing and moving before, but you can never have enough tips that will help the process go more quickly. Here are a few more pointers that hopefully streamline your process of cleaning and moving.


5 Speedy Tips for Cleaning and Moving


1. Plan ahead

One of the worst parts of moving is cramming to get everything done in the last moments before the move itself. Give yourself time. Start packing two to three weeks prior to your move out date, more if your home has more than three bedrooms. If you have the space, set up a dedicated packing station in a little-used part of your house. Make a list about what to pack where, make a schedule of when you’ll pack what. Get organized so you’re not wrapping figurines in newspaper when the moving truck pulls up.


2. Purge

If you’ve planned ahead enough, you have time for a garage sale! This is a great way to reduce the actual number of items in the move and lighten your physical and mental load. If you’re driving cross-country, this is also a great way to raise cash for meals and other sundries on the road.


3. Don’t Pack Empty Containers

Why bother moving your clothes into a box when they’re already in a box? Instead, just move your clothes while they’re still in the dresser. Make sure the drawers will stay closed (they make large rolls of plastic wrap for moving), and you’re good to go. Fill suitcases, trunks, and anything with storage space. Don’t waste empty space!


4. Take Advantage of Freebies

When you’ve run out of dressers, trunks, and storage containers already in your home, you’ll need boxes. If you’re on a budget, then go around to local grocery and retail stores. Often they’ll give you boxes for free!


5. Don’t Pack Heavy Things in Big Boxes

People often equate big and heavy, so they put heavy stuff in big boxes. This is not the way to go! Big boxes should actually used for lightweight items, and heavier items need to go in smaller boxes. When people put heavy items, such as books, in these big boxes, they quickly can weigh over 100 pounds. This is way more than the box was designed to carry and more than most people can lift. Too-heavy boxes will break and probably cause a moving meltdown. Avoid it and pack light stuff in those bigger boxes.


Optimize Your Cleaning and Moving

Organizing yourself and moving your home is a grueling process. If you want to delegate some of the load, you can! Call Maids by Trade and we’ll help with a move out cleaning. Get in touch today!

Are you on a deadline? Use this moving checklist and get the best results when moving or relocating.