Parents’ Day hasn’t quite made it to Hallmark greeting card status, but it is an actual holiday. This day falls on the 4th Sunday in July each year.


Parents' Day Celebrate


Parents’ Day History

If you’re wondering how long this Parents’ Day has been celebrated, the answer is a resounding, “Not that long”. In fact, it was only back in 1994 when President Bill Clinton signed a Congressional Resolution into law. He noted that the day should be spent “recognizing, uplifting, and supporting the role of parents in the rearing of children”. This means it’s not just children who laud parents on this special day.

Everyone else should do the same as well, recognizing the hard work that goes into the parenting role.


Honoring Parents

Parents’ Day runs quite the gamut these days. It’s not just Mom and/or Dad who are lauded. Step-parents and anyone who serves as a parent for those who lost or are estranged from their mothers and fathers.

Some grandparents are raising their grandkids. The prefix says “grand”, but don’t think for a second that they’re not parenting.


A Gift Giving Event?

While it’s certainly not necessary while recognizing a parent or parents on Parents’ Day to give a gift, there’s no reason not to do so. In fact, there are certain types of gifts that say, “I appreciate the hard work you do as a parent”.

Gift certificates are excellent options for Parents’ Day gift giving. They don’t take up much space, and they allow the recipients to cash them in when the time is right.


Parents' Day Celebrate with gift certificates


What kind of gift certificates might over-worked, often underpaid, and usually exhausted parents truly appreciate? They would no doubt love anything that makes their lives a little bit easier.

Gift certificates for restaurant meals mean a night out of the kitchen for whomever does the cooking—and the cleaning up after the meal. Gift certificates for a maid service mean less time cleaning and more time for a bit of relaxation—or for helping with even more homework or a special school project. And speaking of relaxation, gift certificates for anything that encourages stress-free enjoyment—massages, a round of golf, a yoga class—are excellent choices, too.


Why Celebrate Parents’ Day?

Beyond the obvious reasons that include the fact that parents work hard and sacrifice for their children, there are several other reasons to celebrate Parents’ Day. Parents have serious obligations that don’t run out when a child turns eighteen. They are the cornerstones of the adults these children will one day become. Their advice will be sought out for a lifetime. That’s a huge responsibility.

Way more than simply raising children to do well in school and to be kind, good parenting involves teaching a sense of responsibility, integrity, and instilling good judgment. It means allowing children to make all kinds of mistakes while still loving them unconditionally, and finding a lesson in those mistakes.


Parents’ Day Celebrate with family and friends


Parenting means making mistakes and admitting them, apologizing, and getting right back to the task at hand—raising children. There is little to no time off for parents. Even though they might enjoy the occasional vacation sans the kids, they’re on call for at least two decades.

If this isn’t enough to convince you that Parents’ Day is a celebration well worth recognizing, then consider this—even if you may not have a great relationship with one or both of your parents, there was likely a teacher, a neighbor, a relative, or friend who at some time during your childhood years stepped up to the plate and helped you learn a lesson, achieve a goal, or see something in a whole new way. These are also examples of parenting.

Maybe making a list of the many parental figures in our lives and help them make their lives easier. Then we can all celebrate Parents’ Day by appreciating all those who played pivotal roles in the people we are today. Try these tips for more mature family members.

How many people will be on your Parents’ Day list?