Housecleaning service easy for busy parents


1. Parties and Vacations

Many articles similar to this one assume that, despite being so busy, parents with careers are throwing lots of cocktail parties and going to the Caribbean. If that is true, then house cleaning certainly can help spiff up the house while you worry about other hosting duties or ensure you come home to a pristine house after your trip. If this isn’t your life, having someone take over the cleaning still can be a big help. Instead of using free time and weekends to catch up on chores, go see a movie in the evening or take the kids on a Saturday mini-vacation.


2. Time with Spouse

House cleaning does away with any arguments about whose turn it is to do dishes or take out the trash. That time spent arguing is magically turned into time spent doing something, anything, else. Whatever that thing is, it’s definitely better than squabbling about chores!


3. Time with Kids

Kids aren’t kids for long. You don’t want to be so busy you miss out on your kids’ lives. If delegating one area of your life, cleaning, to someone else helps you focus more on spending time with your kids, then it can only be a good thing!


4. You Won’t Lose Things So Often

How much time do you spend looking for keys, for the specific pair of pants your daughter has to wear today, for this and that? In the past few years, the average size of homes being built has grown to be over 2,500 square feet. That’s a lot of room for disorganization! A maid can put your house in order, which means less time looking for misplaced things.


5. Simple Satisfaction

A messy environment is draining, and when you’re busy, you don’t need any more things sapping your energy. Come home to a environment where you can relax and unwind before the next busy day starts. After all, it’s just plain nice to have a clean home, especially when it’s not you doing the cleaning.


Busy Parents, Team Up With Maids by Trade

Make life just a little easier and trade in drudgery for a professionally-cleaned and beautiful home and more free time. Maids by Trade has almost twenty years of experience cleaning for busy families. We offer a range of service options that can be customized to your individual home. Contact us today to see how we can help.