According to Psychology Today, intangible gifts are “rare,” and we all know that people want things no one else has. If you consider yourself a gift-giver extraordinaire, then you’re probably always trying to find gifts that people will not only love, but that are also unusual and surprising. That’s why house cleaning makes such a great gift—it’s a unique as well as useful present. However, could you insult someone by giving them maid services as a gift? Could people think you’re calling them dirty? We concede it’s possible, which is why we’ve created this guide: How to Give Cleaning as a Gift (Without Insulting Someone). 


Give Cleaning as a Gift


No Joke

While you can definitely get house cleaning services for a messy roommate as a joke gift (or for the family you wife-swapped with as a lesson), doing so would definitely be insulting. You might intend to just give your friend a light ribbing, but you’ll risk seriously hurting their feelings. It would uncomfortable giving your notoriously smelly friend deodorant as a gift; giving your infamously messy friend house cleaning would be the same thing.


Don’t Go Overboard

Gifts are social symbols. We’ve all seen or heard about people giving others gifts of out-sized value and importance where it was definitely not expected. It’s weird. Don’t be that person. Unless it’s appropriate, there’s no need to buy indefinite cleaning service for your gift recipient. Just two or three hours of maid service can be a great present and make a huge difference in someone’s home.


Give a Gift With Meaning

You should always give gifts you think will genuinely be appreciated, and it’s no different when it comes to house cleaning. One way to know is just to ask the intended recipient first: “Barb, how about I get you some house cleaning for your baby shower present?” (Barb will probably cry tears of happiness.) If you like surprises though, then you don’t have to ask. You should, however, always explain why you thought house cleaning was a great idea. This will ensure the recipient knows you’re not trying to give them a hint, and has the added benefit of letting them know the thought that went into the gift, which is always a lovely thing to hear.


Give Cleaning As a Gift They’ll Love

If you’re on the lookout for a present that most people will never receive but many would love, house cleaning is a great option. Maids by Trade offers gift certificates that can help you “wow!” them with an incredible gift.