Valentine’s Day – the time of year where those who are dating or married think of how to spoil and cherish their significant other, and those who are single reconsider their love life all over again. For the men in this equation, fulfilling the obligatory Valentine’s Day expectations can feel like a lot, especially if recent years have been filled with the same gestures. Here are a few options for livening up this year’s Valentine’s Day and ensuring the woman in your life will be pleased.


The Man's Guide to Valentine's Day


4 Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Sparkle


Give the kitchen a good scrub

Take a glance down at the floor. Give the stovetop and countertop a good looking-over. Are they sparkling and pristine? Chances are there’s some dust and grime lingering, and there is nothing your significant other would like more than a fresh, clean kitchen on Valentine’s Day. Break out the knee pads and rubber gloves and give the kitchen some good ol’ elbow grease. This is especially meaningful and pleasing if you are cooking or making her a traditional dish.


Make the bathroom shine

Your significant other uses the bathroom every day, so why not take Valentine’s Day as the occasion to spruce it up? Check the toilet, shower and sink for any unsightly residue and apply baking soda where needed. If regular baking soda doesn’t get the job done, use another green cleaning substance of choice. Speaking of a clean bathroom…


A luxurious bubble bath

If you really want to spoil your woman for Valentine’s Day, a deluxe bubble bath is sure to please. Once the bathroom is all cleaned, filling up the bath and including some candles, soothing music and chocolate will have her feeling loved like never before. If you want even more time to spend with your beloved, here are 3 reasons to enjoy each other’s company and leave the cleaning to us.


Giving the whole house a fresh start

Maybe you have invited a woman over and you are remembering that first impressions matter. Or perhaps you want to reinvigorate your whole home as a sincere thanks to your girlfriend or wife. With over 15 years of experience, Maids by Trade is prepared to handle any cleaning request. Plus, you can think of it as a head start on spring cleaning! Contact us today for a customized estimate in your home.

Have some extra time on your hands and want to take care of it yourself? Here are 5 things that will make your wife happy.