Enjoy Valentine's Day


New Year’s is old news and Valentine’s Day is coming faster than Cupid’s arrows. It’s time to come up with an amazing surprise for that special someone in your life! What shall it be? A card? Cliché. A box of chocolates? Better. A professional house cleaning service that will sweep and dust every earthly care in the world away? Yes, that’s the outside-of-the-box gift to take your partner off their feet! A house cleaning service, you ask? Think of it as avant-garde. A house cleaning service will leave the two of you cozied up in a pristine living space, free from the worry of chores. A clean home is a amorous home, we always say. Of course, other pleasantries such as dulces and daffodils will be appreciated as well, but few things can compare with the gift of a warm place and a warm loved one. So let us take care of the chores this Valentine’s Day. Here are a few reasons we think you should:


1. Your house cleaning service is a present that keeps on giving

A house cleaning service is like a perfect Valentine’s Day gone right. Think of it this way: you hire a new house cleaning service this Valentine’s day. You are pleasantly surprised by their courteous manners, impeccable taste (environmentally friendly cleaning products that get the job done right), and unparalleled work ethic. A year later, you look back on Valentine’s Day, and realize it was the best connection you ever made: Your house has been spotless ever since! A great house cleaning service completes the job politely and professionally.


2. Your house cleaning service won’t intrude on your special moments

A great house cleaning service works around your schedule. Whether your whole day is booked and you need to reschedule a cleaning, or you need an extra-special touch up before spending the day with your loved one or family, a professional house cleaning service will be there.


3. Your house cleaning service is sweet on the environment all year round

A great house cleaning service keeps your home and the environment clean. This is a responsibility that should be on everyone’s mind every day. Your house cleaning service should be using the latest green-friendly technology to ensure that they do not hurt the earth they polish your home.

Make Every Day Valentine’s Day

Maids by Trade is a local house cleaning service with over 15 years of experience. Our professional maids use EcoPink™ certified products and put your household first. For the best cleaning service, contact Maids by Trade today!