Husbands. Want to put your wife in a good mood? House cleaning is a good place to start. Handling the chore of cleaning up your home is a two-way street and you both need to do your part. While it’s not the most exciting activity, clean-up still needs to happen. So take turns with your house cleaning. And when it’s your turn to put the place in order, remember these 5 house cleaning tips. Your partner in life will thank you for it.


5 Things That Will Make Your Wife Happy


1. Take out the trash – All of it

Surprised? No? Unfortunately, part of house cleaning is entering the frigid, tundra-like expanse of your driveway to remove the week’s waste. So make sure you get it all in one run. Good house cleaning form means going through every room and getting every bag. Leave no basket unchecked. A true, Chuck Norris-level house cleaning will include a watchful eye for bits of waste not already in bins. Perhaps there is some old mail on her desk or candy bar wrappers stuffed behind the couch (especially if you have kids–you wouldn’t stuff wrappers behind the couch).


2. Get the laundry started

Grab the hamper. Take it to the washer. Separate darks from lights. Toss it in, turn it on. House cleaning service 101. Quick and easy. Right? Right. Get on this chore right away. There are plenty of bonuses. You won’t smell like a caveman. Your wife won’t smell like a caveman. Your kids won’t smell like…well, kids. House cleaning savants may even bring their wife warm clothes fresh out of the dryer to show how much they appreciate her.


3. Load the dishwasher

After a nourishing meal of steak with a side of steak (you’re Chuck Norris, remember?), it is certainly tempting to sit back and relax. Go for it. Take a few minutes. Your next house cleaning chore will require intense concentration. When you get up, you’re on. Secure every plate and utensil, rinse off the scraps and start up the dishwasher. Don’t forget any left behind in the sink. House cleaning step 3 complete. Unless you feel like cleaning the dishwasher too.


4. Organize the countertops

House cleaning tips 3 and 4 are like power-center and All-Star quarterback. Hike the ball. Get the dishes clean. Now complete the hail-mary. Clean dishes belong in your cupboards. Not on the counters. House cleaning extra pro-tip: Items that do not belong on counters include, but are not limited to, your football, your basketball, your mitt, your hat, your clothes, etc. Get the point? Counters are for the preparation of steak with a side of steak. And other foods. Be careful when cleaning your countertops, those made out of wood need special care.


5. Leave a flower on your wife’s bathroom sink

As a house cleaning genius, your final move should be one of charisma and charm. Finish off your house cleaning with a flower by your wife’s sink. Whether she’s waking up, coming home, or going to bed, she’ll make sure you know that she loved the gesture.

Give your house cleaning 110 percent, just like everything else you do. Whether you employ a professional house cleaning service and only clean occasionally, or do so often, make it your goal to do the job right.

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