If it isn’t Halloween then you shouldn’t have giant cobwebs around your home. Spiders are sneaky, though. They’re great at slipping into your house and leaving a web in every corner. Knock ’em down using our web-slaughter tricks.


How to Get Rid of Cobwebs


Remove from Curtains or Blinds

Remove cobwebs from curtains easily with a vacuum. Those sticky webs are no match for high-powered suction. Turn on your vacuum and cobwebs in your curtains is no longer a problem. If your vacuum has a shorter hose or attachments, try setting it on a chair or stool.


Remove Cobwebs with a Broom

Brooms are the perfect tool for bringing those creepy cobwebs down from the ceiling. If your broom is hard-bristled, wrap a rag around its bottom to protect your walls from Blindsscratches. A clean and dry mop can be an alternative to using a broom.


Use a Static Duster

Consider buying a static duster. They’re great for collecting yucky sticky cobwebs. They’re also washable and reusable, which means you can have frequent cobweb cleanings and still be eco-friendly. Use caution when cleaning the ceiling fan.


Prevent Spiders in Your Home

If you’re tired of running around cleaning up webs, try preventing what causes them in the first place. Spiders hate citrus, so use citrus cleaning products or furniture polish to keep those critters away. Spray all the window seals and door cracks with a citrus product. Vinegar also works, and many essential oils, such as peppermint, are thought to be effective as well.

With our tricks you can enjoy a spider-less and cobweb-free home. However, if your schedule doesn’t allow you a cleaning break but you still want to be web-free, then call your local house cleaning service and ask if they can help. Now that cobwebs have been removed, try these Practical Ways to Vacuum Floors and Keep Them Clean.