How to Clean Ceiling FansDoes anyone even look at the ceiling fan? Why bother to clean it? A ceiling fan actually acquires a lot of dust over time and can contribute to sinus infections and allergies if not cleaned regularly. Here are some simple tips on how to clean ceiling fans and keep your indoor air healthy.

Weekly Cleanings

Use any long-handled duster to wipe down the tops and bottoms of the fan blades.

Deeper Cleanings

Position a step ladder under the fan. Make sure the ladder is stable before stepping on it. Use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe down the tops and bottoms of the blades until all the dust is gone. Repeat again with a dry cloth.

For deeper cleaning, include the lighting fixture. Remove the light bulbs and glass shades from the fixture. Gently dust the light bulbs and clean the shades in warm soapy water. Replace the light bulbs and thoroughly-dried shades.

Be Careful!

How to Clean Ceiling Fans and dustingBe gentle when cleaning a ceiling fan. It is easy to bend or break the blades of the fan, so don’t push too hard when cleaning.

Make a Dust-Repelling Spray

You can make your own anti-static dust-repelling spray to keep a ceiling fan clean. Mix 1 part fabric softener to 4 parts water. Spray the mixture onto the ceiling fan and wipe down all the blades on bottom and top.

Things to Not Use

Avoid using any baby wipes or alcohol to clean a ceiling fan. These products will leave the blades stained or destroy the finish on the fan.

Clean Ceiling Fans For Cleaner Air

With proper upkeep of your ceiling fan, you won’t have to worry about spinning allergies around your room. If your ceiling fan is used year-round, monthly cleaning is recommended. If you only use it during certain seasons, a few times a year will suffice. If you don’t want to keep track, call a local house cleaning service to help you with this and any other cleaning needs.