If you own a pet then you understand the struggle of keeping pet hair under control. It gets stuck in the rugs, on the couch, or maybe even on your bed. It’s a cleaning challenge, but we will show you a few techniques to remove pet hair from your home.


How to Control Pet Hair



Practice prevention by properly grooming your pet. Regular grooming outside or in the garage will help reduce the size of the cleaning problem from the start. Check out our How to Groom a Pet cleaning tip to learn some pet grooming tricks.


Vacuum Regularly

Vacuuming is the easiest way to get rid of persistent pet hair. We don’t need to explain how to do it; just vacuum carpets and furniture frequently. We will say there are many vacuum attachments most people don’t utilize and that could help you. You can modify your machine with attachments that specifically clean upholstery, carpets, or even get one that brushes and vacuums your pet directly! Learn more on our vacuum attachment page.


Keep Furniture Hair-Free

Even if your pet is not allowed on the couch, they likely leave pet hair on the sides when they rub up against it. There are several different ways to prevent fur on the furniture. First option is to get a washable slip cover to protect your upholstery. When you want to clean the cover, just peel it off and throw it in the wash. Another option involves rubber gloves. Put on a pair and glide your hands over the furniture. The rubber will attract the hair and remove it from the furniture. If your gloves collect so much hair they stop being effective, just rinse them off, throw the collected hair away, then continue. Repeat until the couch or chair is hair-free.


Maids by Trade's House cleaning tips - How to Control Pet Hair


Wash Their Bed

Clean your pet’s bedding once or twice a week. Some pet beds will fit inside a washing machine. If your pet’s bed is this small, read the tag and see if it’s machine washable. If it’s not or is too large to fit in the washer, vacuum it or give it a good shake outside. Cleaning the bed will not only cut down on the amount of hair in the house, but could also help with any lingering pet odor.


Love Pets, Not Pet Hair

Pets are great additions to many families, but keeping their hair in check can be irritating. If you don’t want to deal with cleaning up after your pet yourself, Maids by Trade is a pet-friendly house cleaner that would be happy to help.