Pets need to be groomed just like we do. Not only does this keep them healthy, it keeps them and your home clean. Keep up with the hygiene of your house by using these pet grooming tips.


Pet grooming and How to Groom Pets


Tools for Pet Grooming

There are many different kinds of tools for pet grooming. These include vacuum attachments, pet hair brushes, professional grooming kits, and hair clippers from specialty stores. Assess what tool will be best for your pet.


Brush First

Brush your pet before trimming or cutting their hair. Some pets have undercoats and will need extra attention. Work in small sections, moving on to the next section when you can run the brush through the pet’s hair smoothly. Brushing the hair before trimming will get rid of any snarls that could affect the grooming process.


Talk to Your Pet

Some pets get upset when they have to stand in one spot and be groomed. Talk to your pet and encourage good behavior. Offer a treat if they have been good and followed directions. A reward is a great way to encourage any pet to cooperate.


Give Them a Break

Some animals just can’t sit for too long. They want to explore and run around, so give them a little break to make it easier on both of you. If they start to move around and fuss, let them run around for a little before starting the grooming process again.


Pet Eyes

Many dogs and cats get eye boogers. Make cleaning these part of your pet’s grooming routine. To keep an eye healthy, remove any tear stains or discharge by wiping the eye with a clean damp cloth.


How to Groom Pets -pet grooming


Pet Ears

Pet ears can get very dirty. Wipe their ears with a damp cloth to clean. Ensure the cloth is close to room temperature so it doesn’t startle your pet. If a cloth won’t work or you don’t want to get one dirty, you can also gently use a cotton swab. Cleaning their ears is a priority in pet grooming.


Clip the Nails

Nails can get long and curl under the paw making it painful for the pet to walk. Clip the pet’s nails when they start to get too long. Start by trimming a very small amount using dog or cat nail clippers. You want to avoid cutting into the pink area where the nerves and blood vessels are. This area is called the “quick” and is harder to see on pets with dark nails, so be especially careful with those. If you cut too far and cut into the quick, you will draw blood and cause the pet pain.


Bathe Your Pet

Giving your pet a bath a couple times a month keeps them from getting stinky and bringing dirt into your home. Use a pet shampoo or soap to wash them. In the winter time do not wash them outside. Bring them inside and use the bathtub or wash them in the garage.

Pet grooming can be difficult if your pet is exceptionally large or just a rascal. If you have trouble or are not confident you can safely groom your pet, enlist the services of a professional pet groomer. Do whatever it takes to ensure your pet is clean and healthy.