Do you love your dog, but are tired of seeing her fur everywhere? Has your cat taken a liking to every nook and cranny he can lounge on? Pets are bundles of joy, but so often they bring their own troubles and headaches for house cleaning. Here at Maids by Trade, we are all about pet friendly house cleaning.


Pet Friendly House Cleaning


When you have a pet, house cleaning is not always a friendly task. A whole slew of new obstacles can face you, such as:

  • Dander and pet hair
  • Urine stains
  • Spilled food bowls and litter boxes
  • Worn-down upholstery and furniture

These can be simple but mind-numbing tasks that wear away at the energy you have to handle more meaningful work. This is why a company that is skilled in pet friendly house cleaning can be highly sought-after.

There are numerous reasons you want a cleaning company that will treat your pets with the same friendliness that they treat your house. Your pets are living beings after all, and deserve equal if not greater respect than inanimate objects in your house. In order to provide this, Maids by Trade uses:

  • EPA approved cleaning products – the U.S. standard for viable cleaning products
  • EcoPink™ System  – our own patented procedure for serving our customers with the utmost care and environmental concern
  • Green Seal certified supplies – the authoritative voice on environmentally friendly and sustainable cleaning supplies since 1989

All of these are pet friendly house cleaning techniques and sources of equipment, which means they are also safe for your family. Chances are, what a pet would have an adverse reaction to is also what a human would react to. The Maids by Trade mindset is that there is no room for taking chances, which is why we go to great lengths to ensure a fully green, pet friendly house cleaning experience.


What Types of Cleaning does Maids by Trade offer?

Your pet contributes as much to the “lived-in” feel of your home as you do. Before long, unwelcome odors, dust, grime and dirt of all kinds begin to build up, creating hours of work. A pet friendly house cleaning company can effectively zap most of that work for you. Here are some of the basic cleaning tasks we perform as a part of any quote:

  • Vacuuming carpet
  • Wiping down surfaces
  • Mopping floors
  • Dusting (true method, not just replacing dust)

We also provide custom cleaning requests, available for an additional fee:

  • Oven and fridge cleaning
  • Sweeping patios and doorsteps
  • Curtain, blind and window track cleaning
  • Clearing fireplaces
  • Many more


Pet Friendly House Cleaning Options

If you have a larger number of pets or special needs for the pets you do have, please let us know when you contact us for a quote. Every approach we take with house cleaning is pet friendly, but we want to customize our workforce to any precise needs that you and your family might have.

You may also find that our pet friendly house cleaning techniques are not what you would expect – in a good way. We often equip ourselves with vinegar and baking soda to handle house cleaning tasks, and these are more friendly to your pet than the majority of other cleaning substances. These two substances are high in purity and will only add value to your home as it is cleaned.

If you are concerned that our individual staff members have little understanding of how to perform pet friendly house cleaning, have no fear – our entire business is locally driven. This means that the employees who clean your home have a high awareness of the pet trends and needs among homeowners in Arizona, Washington, and Oregon. Reach out to us today for your in-home estimate. We guarantee the best, most pet friendly house cleaning service you will receive, or we will re-clean your area of choice at no extra cost.