Are you getting the most out of your vacuum? Probably not if you’re not using vacuum attachments! It seems as if there are about a thousand of them, but what do they all do? How are we supposed to use them? Well, Maids by Trade has created this Vacuum Attachment Encyclopedia to help you understand what all those vacuum attachments do and when they can really help you get your house cleaner.


How to Use Vacuum Attachments


Dusting Brush

Vacuum and dust all at once with this guy. The attachment is very versatile and great for general cleaning. Places to use it include on windowsills, bookcases, and picture frames. You can also use it to vacuum-dust lampshades and blinds and even your walls.


Crevice Tool

Without any attachment, the end of most vacuum hoses will just be a circular opening, totally unfit for getting into small cracks. If you want to clean narrow spaces, this is your tool. This attachment is perfect for cleaning corners, along baseboards, and those tricky vents. You can even use it to clean refrigerator coils or de-lint the inside of your dryer! This one is pretty indispensable.


Extension Wand

The extension wand is wonderful for deep or out-of-reach cleaning. Behind the heavy dresser? Check. Under the refrigerator? Check. The corners of the extra-tall ceiling? Check. Pop on the extension wand to clean the highest highs and the lowest lows of your house. For both out-of-reach and small places, combine your extension wand with your crevice tool. With this combo, dust can’t hide.


Upholstery Tool

It’s right in the name: this attachment is for vacuuming chairs, sofas and even the mattress. Some are wide flat heads that occasionally come a fabric strip designed to catch lint as you vacuum the upholstered surface. Also available are upholstery brushes, which are great for working shampoo into carpets or furniture. There are many types of vacuum attachments. The list continues…


Motorized Brush Head

These attachments typically come as supplements for small canister vacuums. Their purpose is to clean your carpet just like a traditional upright vacuum would, so they have their own mini-motors powering a smaller brushroll for up-close and personal cleaning.


Bare/Hard Floor Brush

These are wide flat heads that are perfect for uncarpeted floors. They often have bristles to assist with sweeping and catching dirt and small wheels to help with maneuvering this attachment across the floor.


Mattress Attachment

What needs to be said about the mattress attachment other than it cleans the mattress? It removes dust and dirt as well as allergens that might bother you through the night.


Ceiling Fan Attachment

A specialty item for vacuum attachment connoisseurs.  The ceiling fan attachment passes over your fan blades and cleans the top and bottom simultaneously.


Pet Groomer

Instead of  brushing your pet for 30 minutes, break out the vacuum and this attachment. You can knock out two chores at once when you brush your pet and catch all the shedding fur all at once.



Want to be able to switch back and forth between vacuum attachments in an instant? Go from cleaning ceiling fan blades to dusting knickknacks without missing a beat? Pop on a Y-splitter and suddenly you have two places to attach vacuum tools. Your vacuum is now some sort of suctioning Swiss army knife. Can something be overkill and totally genius at the same time?


Vacuum Attachments to the Rescue!

When you get a new vacuum, don’t just forget about the accessories. They’re there because they can help. There’s an attachment for every cleaning job, so get out your vacuum attachment arsenal and clean your home like you’ve never cleaned it before.