The living room is where you watch TV or movies, play games, or just hang out. Regular cleaning is important for a room that is used so often. Here’s a guide to the basic chores that should be covered when cleaning the living room.


How to Clean a Living Room



Clutter is almost always the culprit when it comes to why a room looks messy. It’s immediately obvious when a living room has things just thrown into it. So take just a little time and tackle clutter. Put books back in the bookcase, toys back in the kids’ bedrooms, cups back in the kitchen, and so on. Clear out what doesn’t belong to leave a clean clutter-free space. Read How to Declutter and Do Good.



Vacuum or dust your furniture to remove dust. Go over table surfaces, bookcase shelves, and the like with a microfiber cloth that will trap the dirt. Use a vacuum attachment to run over the surfaces of chairs, couches, pillows, and even blankets and lampshades. Lift up couch and chair cushions to vacuum underneath them. Dust collects just about everywhere and decreases the quality of your indoor air, so get rid of it!


Remove Cobwebs

Use a broom or a duster to remove cobwebs from the living room. Pay special attention to the corners. Check your curtains too; sometimes webs also hide there. If you find them in your curtains, vacuum them out. Learn How to Get Rid of Cobwebs.


How to Clean a Living Room and shared spaces



Since you de-cluttered, your floor is clear of items that don’t belong. You are ready to vacuum and we don’t need to tell you how to do that! Just run the machine and be sure to get under the furniture as well.

Quick Note: It is always safe to vacuum your floor. However, if you want to mop or wet-clean, but sure to do so in a way that will not harm your particular flooring type. Different floor materials require different care.


Living Room Cleaning is Simple

Put on some good music, get to work, and you can have this room clean in no time. Another option is to call a local maid service and have them clean this room for you. Its never too late to Make an Impact with Deep House Cleaning.