They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. What they leave out is that being the center of all the activity usually leaves the kitchen incredibly dirty. Here’s a simple list of chores you can use to make sure your kitchen stays clean, no matter what goes on.


How to Clean a Kitchen


Stove Top

Wipe down with a damp cloth to remove debris or food scraps. Spray a stove cleaner or degreaser on the surface and scrub off the grease with a sponge or cloth. Use a disinfectant to wipe the knobs. You can also remove the knobs to clean the space under them for very thorough kitchen cleaning.



Make sure your oven is empty, then just turn the self-cleaning feature on. That’s it! After the cycle has run, let the oven cool then grab a cloth and wipe up the ash and dust from the inside. You should only need to do this a few times a year.



What your countertops are made of will determine how you clean them. It’s usually safe to at least wipe down with a rag dampened with warm soapy water. For more information, check out our section on kitchen countertops.



Remove dishes from the sink before cleaning. Use a disinfectant and a damp cloth to wipe down the entire sink, including the faucet and handles. If you’re having trouble getting rid of the scum that often collects in the cracks of your faucet (such as at the base of the handles), use a piece of floss to get in there and loosen up that grime so it can be wiped away.



Wipe down all the cabinet doors. Get both the outside and the inside of the door to clean up all the dirt. After you’re done, you can polish your cabinets for extra shine.


Clean Kitchen in No Time!

Now you have a clean space for making delicious dinners or just for hanging out. Doing these chores with regularity will make them easy and quick. If you don’t have time to frequently clean or you just can’t stand cleaning, your local house cleaning service will be happy to help you out around the house.