How to Get a Clean Stove Top easilyDuring cooking the stove top can get covered with gunk. Grease coats the surface and the drip pans have burnt-on food. Like any workspace, your stove top should be neat and organized, and getting a clean stove top doesn’t have to take long at all. Here are tips on how to tackle stove top grime.

Electric Stove Top Burners

Obviously, all burners should be turned off and completely cooled down before you start the cleaning process.

Unplug the coils from the stove top and set aside. Using a clean wet cloth or a sponge, wipe down the coils and remove any food debris or mess. Be sure not to get the electrical connection wet when doing this step. Dry off the coil burners completely before plugging them back into the stove top.

Removing Grease 

Baking soda does miracles for tougher jobs like this. Sprinkle a good amount of baking soda onto a wet sponge. Wipe down any grease-infected areas until the grease has been removed, then dry with a clean rag and you’re done!

Burner Drip Pans

how to get a clean stove topIf you haven’t done so already, remove the burners. Then remove the drip pans and rinse under warm water. Fill your sink with water, spray your pans with cleaner, put them in and let them soak for about 30 minutes. After the soak, gently scrub them with a scouring pad and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Dry and replace.

How to Prevent Future Pan Cleaning

A quick and easy way to keep your drip pans clean in the future is cover them with aluminum foil. Simply remove the coil burner and the drip pan and fit the aluminum foil over the drip pan. Make sure the foil hugs the drip pan tightly and covers it completely.

Cleaning Knobs

Pull the knobs off of the stove top and place them in a bowl of vinegar. Let them sit for up to 30 minutes. While they soak, you can wash the places under the knobs that never get much attention. When the knobs are done soaking, rinse them in water and replace.

 Oven Exhaust Filters

Take the filter off your stove hood and spray with WD-40. Let that sit for about an hour then scrub with a toothbrush. Wash the filter in your dishwasher after to get it extra clean.

Your New & Improved Clean Stove Top

These wonderful cleaning tips will help you on a journey to a clean stove top. However, maybe that’s a journey you don’t want to take. If that’s the case, have a local maid service do the dirty work for you while you sit back and enjoy your day.