How to Clean Kitchen CabinetsYour poor kitchen cabinets. They get hit with splashes, splatters, and sticky handprints. Spot-cleaning is easy enough but at some point a serious cleaning will be needed. We’ll get you started with the below tips for quick and all-natural cabinet cleaning.

Cabinet Doors 

This is for wooden cabinets. Cabinets of other materials are discussed below.

First do your regular cleaning: wipe down any dirt or spills from your cabinet doors with your favorite mild cleaner. Then sprinkle a wood polisher on a soft cloth or an old sock. Wipe the cabinets down from top to bottom. Continue to add polisher to your cloth as needed.

Brass Handles or Knobs

Clean with soapy water and then dry. If you want to really shine up your cabinet accents, first determine if they’re really made of brass. Many accents are only brass-plated. Use a magnet to find out (the magnet won’t be attracted to the brass). If it is brass, then you can scrub away without worrying about going through the plating and leaving your handles worse-looking than before.

There are several natural ways to shine up brass. One is to get a can of tomato sauce or paste. Rub a thin coat onto the brass handles and let the paste sit for about an hour. Rinse with hot soapy water and dry. You can also use half a lemon and a teaspoon of baking soda, or if you’re out of baking soda, a teaspoon of salt.

Inside Your Kitchen Cabinets

Empty the contents of your cabinets. Mix together warm water and a mild soap of your choice and wipe down the insides of your cabinets. Dry the surfaces with a paper towel or cloth.

Cabinets Made of Metal, Laminate, or Vinyl

Empty the contents of your cabinets. Spray surfaces with the spray cleaner of your choice. Wipe down with a lint-free cloth until free of dirt. Replace all contents once the cabinets are dry.

Weekly Cabinet Cleanings

Simply use a wet cloth and wipe down your cabinets from top to bottom. Dry with a paper towel or rag.

Your cabinets may be the single most noticeable thing in your kitchen. They cover the place! Now that they are clean, your whole kitchen looks better. You can walk in to make dinner, see your kitchen cabinets, and feel happy and accomplished. It’s a big task though, so maybe you want that happy feeling without spending a few hours cleaning. If so, call a professional house cleaning service for assistance.