Is the basement one of your dirty little secrets? Don’t worry, it is for lots of people. The basement is often the dumping ground for items that don’t belong anywhere else. Here are some simple ideas on how to get a clean basement and make it usable again.


How to Clean a Basement



You might be like many people and use your basement for storage.  Memorabilia, holiday decorations, and other items you don’t need in day-to-day life get shunted away in the nether regions of the house. Store these items in clearly-labeled waterproof storage bins to prevent mildew, mold, and items getting ruined. Consider going through these items once a year so you remember what’s there and see if there’s anything you can donate or throw out. This is a great spring cleaning chore!


Food Storage

A specific type of storage basements are commonly used for is the storage of bulk foods. People often utilize this space if they’ve run out of room in the pantry or for especially large items. Some tips: make sure the humidity of the basement is appropriate for safe food storage. If you have a damp basement, place a dehumidifier in the space. Also, keep food off the floor and leave at least a two-inch gap between the food and the wall (otherwise insects can crawl right up). The safest thing to do is place your food in waterproof plastic bins or some other durable resilient container that will keep pests out. Check on food stored in a basement frequently.


How to get a clean Basement


Basement Floors

If you have carpet, a good shampooing should be all that is needed. If there is concrete in the basement first sweep then mop the concrete with soapy water.



Spiders seem to love the basement. Remove their sticky webs from walls, furniture, or corners with a broom or vacuum. Check out our How To Get Rid of Cobwebs page for more tips about spiders and cobwebs.


It’s Easy to Have a Clean Basement

Basements usually have minimal frills, so their cleaning doesn’t have to be complicated either. The most important thing is maintenance, controlling the environment, and ensuring the space is safe for use. If there is mold growing in your basement, we recommend hiring a professional mold removal company. Don’t let the bottom of your house finish last! Use our simple tips to make sure you have a clean basement that is as pristine as the rest of your house.