Spring is the time of rebirth and that includes our homes! When it’s spring cleaning time, go all in, do it right, and set yourself up for a wonderful summer in your beautiful home. Use our basic tips to get your spring clean started.


How to Spring Clean


Make a Checklist

Spring cleaning is usually an intense and comprehensive cleaning. It can be difficult to know where to start on such a big job. So make a plan. Do a walk-through of your home and take note of areas that need attention. Then sit down and create a checklist for what you want cleaned and when. Spring cleaning is when you do the things that never get done, so really take your time while planning to make sure you think of everything: behind the fridge, inside the cupboards, replacing the batteries in the smoke alarm…those are just a few to get you started and below we’ve listed a few more.


Get Rid of Things

This item should be an obvious one on any spring cleaning list. Purging your home of unwanted or unneeded things is a classic part of getting any house spring clean. Getting rid of excess stuff always makes you and your home feel lighter, freer, and ready for summer adventure. Go through your garage and other storage spaces and throw out or donate toys, book, clothes, furnishings and anything else that has transformed from useful to clutter. Go through your refrigerator and kitchen cupboards to throw out old and expired foods.


Rugs and Carpets

Another spring cleaning must is cleaning the carpets and rugs. You can do this with a carpet shampooer. If you don’t own your a shampooer, you can rent one or hand wash. To hand wash, vacuum up loose dirt,  work a lather of carpet shampoo or detergent into the carpet with a wet cloth or sponge, and then rinse. Rugs you can take outside and turn the garden hose on them, but for carpets you’ll have to rinse by going over them again with the cloth or sponge.

If your rug is delicate or you’re afraid the colors on it will run during a wash, you can take it outside and beat out the dust and dirt. Wear a mask or face covering so you don’t breathe in what trying trying to get rid of.


Other Chores

Here are a few more things you might add to your list:

  • Clean the inside and outside of all windows.
  • Dust the walls, ceilings, and air vents.
  • Polish the wood furniture in your home. If you have leather furniture this is a great time to condition it too.
  • If you have a fireplace, clean that and consider cleaning your chimney, too.
  • Touch up chipped paint.


Spring Clean Basics

We’ve got you started with some ideas, but ultimately your spring cleaning experience depends on your home’s particular needs, what regular maintenance you’ve been doing, how much free time you have for cleaning, and lots of other things. So scope out your house, come up with a plan, and get to cleaning!  If you’re unable to do this yourself, call a local house cleaning service to help you. Everyone deserves a rejuvenated house for the just-beginning year.