Trying to deal with clutter piling up everywhere in your home? Tired of the constant effort it takes to make sure your space stays clean and attractive to yourself and friends? You’re not alone. The task of home cleaning is a round-the-clock challenge that frustrates all of us. However, we’ve seen a lot in our many years of home cleaning and we think we can help. Here are what we think are the seven worst things people do that prevent them from successfully cleaning their home.


6 Errors When It Comes to Home Cleaning


1. Endless Procrastination

When you see dust bunnies under the sofa and dishes piling higher and higher in the kitchen, it can be easy to put off cleaning for another day. It may seem as if it’s never quite the right time to take care of all those chores cutting into free time. Stop these delay tactics! We can put a stop to this waiting game with our professional home cleaning service. It’s as easy as picking up the phone and giving us a call! We’ll get you a quote right away so you can worry about those stains another day.


2 Home Cleaning with Harmful Toxins

Have you ever hired a cleaner and returned only to find strange spots on your floor? Have you, your children or pets ever become sick because of house cleaning products used by an inexperienced employee? Then you know to stay away from toxic products. It’s your best bet to look for a cleaning company that uses eco-friendly cleaning products that are certified, or simply make your own. Then you know what you are using. This way you know you’re being friendly to your floors, your furniture and the environment.


3 Outdated, Ineffective Equipment

Dusty furniture is dirty furniture, right? Right. So the dust has to come off! But you have to be careful what tools you or your house cleaning professionals are using, otherwise you’ll only be moving that dust around without actually removing it. Microfiber cloths and mops are the best way to go when it comes to cleaning, sanitizing and keeping an overall spotless and appealing environment. Microfiber house cleaning fabrics have tiny pockets that pick up and hold dust particles, where cotton cloths only push them into piles of lint. When was the last time that you purchased a new vacuum, or cleaned the one sitting in your closet? Cleaning the tools we use for cleaning sounds redundant, but it will maximize efficiency and keep the areas you just cleaned, clean. Ensure that your cleaning professionals use only microfiber cleaning equipment and the latest in cleaning technology.


4 Cleaning vs. Clutter Control

Anything that stands between you and the vision you have of your home is clutter. When was the last time you were able to dust off the shelf of books you inherited five years ago? Have you even read those books? We suggest you cut out what you don’t need to give yourself some breathing room, and a place to start when it comes to cleaning your house. Your home will become more manageable, satisfying, and a sense of relief will fall over you when it’s time to get to the dirty work.


5 Bacteria-Infested Sponges

Your sponge: home cleaning friend or enemy? Turns out they can be both. Sponges are obviously useful around the house for washing dishes and helping to remove stains but they can build up thousands of bacteria if not properly taken care of. Just make sure you don’t leave your sponges lying around after every dish washed or table cleaned — they need their own cleansing too! It’s easy: Throw it in the dishwasher, or use the microwave. When using the microwave method, make sure your sponge is free of food, wet the sponge completely but do not dry, place it on a paper towel and microwave for 1-2 mins. (Let the sponge cool before using) Bacteria free! Responsible cleaning professionals always ensure their sponges are sanitized, so make sure you’re with the right company.


6 Hiring Unreliable People

You only bring people that you trust into your home — friends, family — cleaners? The individuals you hire to clean your home have complete access to your personal property. Be sure they are responsible. You want to have absolute confidence that nothing you own will be touched except to make it pristine. Avoid hiring off of Craigslist or through other 3rd party services. Make sure you have done your research; what are their reviews like? Are they licensed, bonded, and insured? What is the employee turn-over? Stick to  professional home cleaner services with real online reviews so you know what you’re getting.