Home Cleaner Services

Before you compare home cleaner services, set your expectations for the quality of cleaning you need. You can save time by finding a home cleaning company using certified products. You can also limit your search to cleaning services with a full satisfaction guarantee.


Home cleaner services


For a professional cleaning service to stay in business, they depend on long term return clients. Compare client testimonials and reviews to further reduce your list. A company earning positive reviews, and certifications, will likely work hard for your satisfaction too.

With over 15 years of home cleaning experience, Maids by Trade serves a growing list of satisfied clients in Oregon and Washington. Your free in home cleaning estimate gives you a fast and accurate service quote; experienced maids ready to exceed your expectations.


Service Level

The level of service your home needs will range from quick touch ups to special requests. The cleaning time needed will determine what house cleaning rate you can expect to pay.

  • A flat fee without an accurate in-home estimate may leave you paying more for “extras” or settling for rushed, low quality, cleaning.

Some home cleaner services charge a flat fee; some charge hourly. Your best effort for an accurate quote is comparing in home estimates. You want a detail oriented cleaning company who customizes your fee to specific needs in your home.

Quick (touch ups & wipe downs):

Special requests

  • fireplaces (ash removal)
  • fridges (inside)
  • oven cleaning
  • walls (spot clean)


Cleaning Service Guarantee

Comparing service quotes helps you set a realistic budget for home cleaning services. You still need to compare quality and satisfaction guarantees. Look for a professional cleaning company with your long term satisfaction in mind.

Long term satisfaction means a full 24 hour guarantee and on site quality control. You want more than just a fair rate, you want professional maids who’s cleaning lives up to (and exceeds) your expectations.

A company trusted for consistent quality home cleaner services will readily offer you a full guarantee. Plus, you should expect control of service sign-offs while your cleaners are on site. The 100% Satisfaction Guarantee you see from Maids by Trade is a proven example of how promising consistent quality welcomes happy return clients.


Certified Home Cleaner Services

Professional, trusted, home cleaners earn a rating from the (BBB) Better Business Bureau, and use EPA certified cleaning materials. You can look for locally licensed, bonded and insured home cleaning companies who use safe and certified products.

  • Maids by Trade holds a long term A+ rating with the BBB and uses 100% EPA certified cleaning products.You should care how long a home cleaning service has been in business, and if their past clients recommend them. You also welcome cleaners into your home, so make sure they’re professionally screened.
  • Since 1997, Maids by Trade has employed, trained and fully screened professional maids. We are proud to see a growing list of positive reviews, testimonials, and referrals from satisfied return clients.


Do you want guaranteed, accurate, certified cleaning?

Receive an accurate quote with your in-home cleaning estimate from Maids by Trade. Let us help you enjoy your home, with a full array of home cleaner services backed by 15 years of professional experience serving Oregon, Washington and Arizona residents.