Microfiber cloths are fantastic tools for cleaning, and can be used to achieve the best possible results. At Maids by Trade, we’re always trying to use innovative and environmentally-friendly cleaning products that don’t require the use of chemicals. Microfiber is a polyester/nylon blend. The fibers trap all the dust and dirt that bonds to the microfiber material and is not released until the cloth is washed. They are proven to remove dirt and dust from surfaces and not simply push it around as traditional rags do.


Why Use Microfiber Cleaning Rags


General Information

  • Microfiber cloths can be used wet or dry.
  • They are easy to clean. They can be washed in the washing machine with your kitchen towels or other items. They can be washed again and again and still remain clean and reusable. They last much longer than the normal rag or towel you might use and so are better for the environment.
  • Another reason microfiber cloths are good for the environment and save you money: you do not need to use chemical cleaning products with them.


Here are some suggestions for using microfiber cloths in simple and environmentally friendly ways:

  • In order to get a clean and shiny floor, you really don’t need to use harsh chemicals. Instead, you only need to use microfiber mops. You can also dust your walls and ceilings with the mop, saving you time, effort, and electricity.
  • For dusting, you can use a microfiber rag (do not wet!). Simply glide the rag over the surface to pick up any dust, dirt, or pet hairs. When the rag becomes filled with dust and particles just wash it with warm water.
  • If you need to deep-clean your floor, simply dampen a microfiber mop in warm water and squeeze out the water before you start mopping the floor. The mop can be used on all floor surfaces and it will leave only a minimum amount of water.
  • Microfiber cloths are useful to clean windows, kitchen surfaces and many other areas around the house. Therefore they are an essential cleaning product that you should always keep ready for whenever they might be needed.

Note: The towels by themselves won’t scratch glass or delicate surfaces, but they are very good at picking up particles of dirt or sand. If you have particles in the towel and wash a window, you stand a chance of scratching it. So if you’re going to clean windows, glass objects, or other delicate surfaces, be sure to use a freshly cleaned well-rinsed towel. In addition, never let wet paint, glazes, glues, or milk dry on the surface of a microfiber towel because they can attach permanently to the fibers. If you can’t rinse out the towel right away, drop it in a basin of water to soak in the meantime.