What if there was a way to simplify life? Wouldn’t it be great to have a few extra hours, or even just minutes at the end of the day? If it seems like you’re constantly running to-and-fro, it’s time to stop, take a deep breath, and reevaluate. In fact, there’s no better time to do it than now, because the first week in August is National Simplify Life Week.


Keep it Simple by Celebrating Simplify Life Week


Things Needed for National Simplify Life Week

  • Paper and Pen
  • ToDoist or a similar organizational app
  • Dedication
  • Goals
  • Safe Cleaners


1. Simplify Life – Change Up Your Daily Routine

To start, simplify life by simplifying your daily routine.  Surely, there’s a better way to live than waking up five minutes prior to work, throwing on wrinkled clothes, eating a bowl of cereal and punching in.

The concept of “everything in its place” isn’t just a great philosophy, it actually works, and if you have everything organized at home, getting things done will be much easier. Create a real space for the objects that you utilize daily. This can be as simple as installing a key holder or creating room in your closet to place your shoes.

A morning routine can also keep you ahead of the game and simplify life. For example, if you set out a granola bar, and mug with a tea bag in it prior to going to sleep, you have two fewer things to do when you’re getting ready for work.


2. Split Tasks Up

Instead of trying to finish everything in one sitting, split up your daily chores or tasks, and assign them for different days of the week. Doing this allows you to feel accomplished, but without going overboard. It allows you flexibility to get other things done like running errands or completing homework assignments. This will also help fight the feeling of being overwhelmed and keep you focused on minor tasks instead of the “big picture.” It will really help to simplify life for you.


Simplify Life Week by diving tasks


3. Simplifying Grocery Shopping

The majority of folks don’t like grocery shopping, so if there’s a way to get it done quicker, and more efficiently then you’re probably all ears. Believe it or not, it’s now easier than ever before to order groceries from the comfort of your own home. There are grocery chains that provide delivery options and flexible enough to work around any schedule. You’ll never have to wait in line for a cashier or ask about where the condiment aisle is ever again. What’s not to like about that?


4. Simplify Life with Technology

There are plenty of apps on the market specifically designed to make accomplishing tasks easier than ever before. Take ToDoist for example. This free app, allows you to list all of your daily activities and check them off as they are completed. Literally, that’s all it does. In addition, ToDoist stores all of your progress, making it easy to go back and look at all of the tasks that you’ve accomplished throughout the day, week, or even month. There’s some technology that will simplify your life!


5. Simplify Life with Multi-Use Safe Cleaners

Cleaning is time consuming and exhausting, not to mention potentially hazardous to your children and pet’s health. Rather than purchase industrial strength or toxic chemicals, opt for environmentally friendly safe cleaners without any side effects. Vinegar and water as well as baking soda and water are safe, all-natural cleaning items that almost everyone has in their own kitchen.

Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to an easier pace of life. Whether you opt for using homemade safe cleaners, decide to keep a regular to do list, or have another ritual that ensures life stays easy, at the end of the day all you need to remember is this: things are better when they are simple.