The art of organization has become its own full-time job in the fast-paced modern world. The schedule of an actual job, preparing meals, and handling children is enough as it is. Throw in time spent with friends, social media, and any time you steal for yourself, and it’s no wonder most Americans are starved for time and looking for help.

Even little ways to structure things can help take back your time. Here are three organizational folders that every busy mom needs to get structure, solve issues of clutter, and take back some time.


Organization Efforts recommends Moms Need These 3 Organizational Folders


1 – Coupons, discount slips, free meal vouchers

The restaurant industry is one that is very often sharing special deals and discounts, and this means that coupons or free meal vouchers will end up getting brought home, only to fall into a bottomless abyss where they are never uncovered again. Most people want to be able to save money on food, so it is indeed discouraging when a discount of 20 percent at your favorite restaurant is only lost to a lack of organization.

Instead of just stuffing another small piece of paper in your purse, designate a folder at home that is strictly for coupons, vouchers, and discounts. This way, not only will you automatically know where to look, you will be less likely to miss out on deals due to expiration dates.


2 – Bank statements, receipts, insurance information

Finances can quickly create a mental mess of their own if your essential documents and bank statements are not kept in the utmost order. The difficulty with finances is similar to coupons and meal deals – there can be so many to keep track of that it becomes a headache just sorting through them.

A rule that applies in most scenarios is the following. If a document is not involving physical or intellectual property, serves no vital purpose beyond five years and was not used within the past two years, it is probably not needed anymore. Stay on top of your organization using binders or folders.

If this makes you feel uncomfortable, or you deal more often with financial matters in the workplace, you can always duplicate physical documents as digital versions. Just make sure that when you make a conversion, you are not just leaving it on your computer desktop. Be as organized digitally as you are in your home.


3 – Important family information, sentimental items

Every family wants to hold on to family keepsakes and items with personal and sentimental value. However, the amount of stuff that most families accumulate makes this difficult. Fortunately, creating a solution is as simple as having the right tools and using a little discipline.

Find enough large plastic bins that will comfortably and properly house all of your family’s historic items and label the bins as needed.  Open them only when you need to add an item to the box or for reminiscing on special occasions. This keeps some of your most important items away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.


Organization is to cleaning what a fire is to cooking food

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