Cola is synonymous with good times, family fun, and crisp, delightful refreshment, but as a cleaning product? Say what? Believe it or not, this fizzy beverage also rivals some of the best safe cleaners on the market.

Cleaning with cola is great for the environment. Let’s take a quick look at how this soda can be used to clean up messes all over your home, from the bathroom to the kitchen.


Grab a Soda & Clean Using Cola


Items Needed to Clean Using Cola

  • Cola
  • Paper Towels
  • Toilet Brush
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Micro Fiber Cloths
  • Spray Bottle
  • Sponges


Stain Buster

Tired of spending money on pesky stain sticks that get lost or only last one or two uses? Save some money, and get creative with the help of cola.

Thanks to the drink’s chemistry, it makes the liquid great at removing hard-to-get-at stains. It’s due to the carbonic and phosphoric acids that are present.  Even better? Your cloths will smell great once they’re out of the wash.


Blood Remover

While you probably won’t see any CSI technicians using it on the job (or maybe you will), cola also comes in handy for removing blood stains from clothing, carpet, upholstery, and even paint.

Just pour a little bit of the fizzy drink on top of the stain and let it soak for five minutes or a little bit longer. Now grab a sponge or paper towel and start scrubbing. The stain will come out quickly and efficiently.


Enemy of Oil

Our kitchens are prime locations for grease and oil to wreak havoc. Not only are oily substances hard to clean up, they’re also smelly, and notorious for hardening and solidifying, making cleanup next to impossible. Don’t let that happen!


Grab a Soda & Clean Using Cola and remove oil


If you notice your kitchen counters, kitchen floors, or stove top have grease build up, dump some cola on top of the affected areas, and let them sit. Safe cleaners are also an excellent option, but if they aren’t on hand a cola will work just fine! Wipe up the soda before it dries, and you’ll see how quickly the grease goes along with it.


Bye-Bye Rust

Do you have a toolbox that’s full of orange-colored tools? If you don’t regularly use your hardware, it’s sure to get rusty, especially if you store it outside or in the garage. While you might think a metallic coat means your tools are damaged for good, you’re wrong!

Take your tools, put them in a bowl or container, and then fill it up with cola. As the tools soak in the soda, grab a paper towel or wash cloth and try scrubbing off the iron build up. It might take a while, but with a little bit of elbow grease and dedication, you’ll have your tools looking new again in no time (without rust).


Toilet Bowl Shiner

Instead of looking for safe cleaners that are bathroom appropriate, save yourself a trip to the store and fill up your toilet bowl with a can of cola. Wait for about 60-minutes, and then go about your regular toilet bowl scrubbing duties. Now flush. Voila! The toilet bowl is sure to look cleaner than ever before.


Get Gum Out of Your Hair

If you have kids that are elementary school age, then you may have already encountered the old gum in the hair trick. Rather than running out to the barber, or doing your own homemade haircut, pour some this soda on the affected area instead. In a few minutes, you’ll notice that the gum is now more malleable and easy to remove.

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These are just a few of the amazing things that cola comes in handy for. If you’ve got soda on hand, and no time to run to the store for new safe cleaners, then cola is a wonderful solution. Happy cleaning!