Non-toxic cleaners are more commonly used these days by people who clean their own homes and by the cleaning service they hire. There are many proven reasons why these non-toxic cleaners are so popular.


Non-Toxic Cleaners and Your Health

It’s been scientifically proven that some of the harsh chemicals found in many cleaning products you buy at the store can be harmful to your health and that of your family as well. There are a variety of illnesses that are exacerbated when people come into contact with these harsh chemical cleaners. The chemicals in these cleaning products are known for causing skin irritations and rashes, burning sensations in people’s eyes and noses, and difficulty in breathing.


Non-Toxic Cleaners for Better Health


Those who already suffer from illnesses like asthma, eczema, allergies, and eye problems sometimes experience worse symptoms when exposed to these kinds of cleaning products made from harsh chemicals. Non-toxic cleaners are the best option for people who suffer any of these ailments, as well as for others, too.


Non-Toxic Cleaners and the Environment

Anyone with even minimal knowledge about the environment understands that non-toxic cleaners are the only safe way to go. Chemical cleaners get dumped down the drains in your homes and find their way into our water systems and soil. Harsh chemical spray cleaners have long been known for damaging the air we breathe. They have contributed to the destruction of the ozone layer.


Non-Toxic Cleaners and Your Cleaning Service

Many businesses now opt for non-toxic cleaners. It’s important to ascertain that the cleaning service you hire to clean your home does.

It’s imperative to do a thorough search on the cleaning service you plan to hire. See if they use products that are approved by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). While searching, you’ll see whether or not the cleaning service trains its employees in the use of these non-toxic cleaners.


Non-Toxic Cleaners for Better Health that you can make at home


Make Your Own Non-Toxic Cleaners

If you’re in a pinch and need to do a bit of cleaning, but don’t have time to run out and purchase some non-toxic cleaners, rest assured there are ways to create your own—and with products you already have in your own home.

Vinegar and baking soda are two of the easiest non-toxic cleaners around. Use vinegar to clean your windows without leaving streaks. Instead of using an expensive and chemical-laden rinse agent in your dishwasher, filling the reservoir with vinegar instead will result in streak-free dishes and glasses.

Pouring a cup of vinegar into your toilet and allowing it to sit for about fifteen minutes is a great way to start cleaning your bathroom without using chemical cleaners. Scrubbing with your toilet brush and then flushing results in a clean and sparkling toilet bowl without having sent those chemicals down the drain.

Stainless steel appliances become streak and fingerprint-free when cleaned with vinegar. (Wiping the messes away in the direction of the grain on these appliances provides the best results.) Diluting vinegar with a bit of water and soaking a soft cloth is the start of a very clean and disinfected microwave. When the cloth is heated for about a minute in the microwave, stuck-on food is loosened. All that’s left to do is to wipe it all away.

Vinegar is safe to use on ceramic tiles, and leaves them clean and shiny. Making a paste from vinegar and baking soda cleans and whitens grout. Baking soda is an excellent scrubbing agent, perfect for cleaning your bathtub and shower stall. Mixing baking soda with vinegar is perfect for cleaning smelly drains.


Non-Toxic Cleaners for Better Health made right in your home


Naysayers and Non-Toxic Cleaners

You’ve surely heard the opinions of naysayers with regard to non-toxic cleaners. Some of their thoughts on the harsh chemical cleaners are:

  • “They may expensive but they really work well.”
  • “How much damage can they really cause?”
  • “If they were so dangerous, why do stores still carry them?”

Harsh chemical cleaners are in stores because advertising convinces a lot of people that they can’t get a truly clean, germ-free home without them. Much of this advertising is false.

Many of the illnesses people suffer from today weren’t around a hundred years ago. They are attributed to the chemicals people come into direct or indirect contact with. Those chemicals include the household cleaners so many folks use in their homes or those used by the cleaning service they hire.

Listening to naysayers won’t prevent you from having a clean home. It will, however, prevent you from having a clean and healthy home. Using non-toxic cleaners and only hiring a cleaning service that uses them, too, are the best ways you can guarantee your home is a clean and healthy one—and that you’re not exposing your family to chemicals that can harm their health.