Clean that sticky candy out of your clothes—we’ve all been there—someone hands you a piece of sticky candy like peppermint candy or a jolly rancher and you stick it in your pocket only to find it after it has gone through the washer and dryer and is now glued to your clothes.  One child drops a sticky piece of candy on the carpet and the next child runs right over it grinding it into the carpet.  You fall asleep with a stick of chewing gum in your mouth and the next thing you know it is in your hair and your clothes.  Whatever the case may be, you’ve got one big sticky problem.  The good news is that these sticky candy messes can be cleaned up with a few hints and a little bit of patience.


Clean Sticky Candy Out of Your Clothes


Removing Sticky Candy from Clothing

Supplies Needed

  • Ziplock Bag
  • Ice Cubes
  • Fabric Stain Remover
  • White Vinegar
  • Clean Rag/Cloth
  • Adhesive Remover

As with most stains, sticky candy stains will clean up easier the quicker you get started.  These steps will help you get rid of that stain quickly.  You can choose to tackle the task yourself or stop reading now and just request your maid service take care of it for you.  They will likely follow similar steps but may have some additional tricks up their sleeve.


The Steps

Get a zip lock bag and fill it with ice.  Apply the ice directly on the candy.  The ice will cause the gum or candy to harden which will make it easier to remove.  The sooner you get the ice on the sticky candy, the better.


Clean Sticky Candy Out of Your Clothes and leave it clean


If possible, gently pull any large pieces of the sticky candy or gum from the fabric.  You can use a spoon or your finger to gently pry away the pieces.  Don’t pull too hard or you could rip the fabric.  If you notice anything ripping or the fibers becoming loose, stop pulling and go back to the ice for a while longer.

Dab the affected fabric will a fabric stain remover.  Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.  Blot the area a few times and let it stand for five to ten minutes.  Gently rinse with cold water.


Additional Steps if Needed

If the sticky candy or remaining stain is still there, it is time to get out the white vinegar.  Dip a clean rag or cloth in the vinegar and blot the affected fabric with the moistened cloth.  Once it is fairly damp, let it sit for fifteen minutes.  Rinse again and blot with a dry rag.

If the sticky candy or remaining stain is still there, you can use an adhesive remove such as Goo Gone to try to remove it.  Make sure you test an inconspicuous area with the adhesive remover first to make sure you won’t damage the fabric.

If all else fails, ask your maid service to help.  They have specialty training in stain removal and will know just what to do.  Whether you take care of the stain or request a maid service handle it, know that your precious clothing is in good hands with these tips!